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Is AngularJS ready for the enterprise?

AngularJS is the hottest word in Web application development today. But that’s no guarantee it will remain relevant tomorrow.

To be sure, AngularJS has many factors going for it. For starters, the JavaScript front-end application framework was developed and is maintained by Google, which knows something about the Web. For another, as co-creator Miško Hevery tells InfoWorld, “Rather than writing everything inside of JavaScript and then having a bunch of templates to generate the UI, [AngularJS allows you to] write a lot of it in HTML, and HTML drives the assembly of the application.”

It is this power, and the simplicity it engenders, that perhaps more than all else has crowned AngularJS the most popular JavaScript framework today.

Whether this makes it safe for the enterprise, however, is up for discussion. For enterprises accustomed to 10-year support guarantees on the software they buy, the AngularJS habit of breaking backward compatibility as it rushes to the future may cause concern.

Yet there are reasons to believe that this time, it’s different — that AngularJS will remain widely used long after the media hype circus moves on to the next shiny framework.

Popular, oh, so popular

The Web application market has seen leaders come and go. SproutCore, for example, spent years as the top framework. But it was displaced by BackboneJS which, in turn, has given way to EmberJS, as Google search trends show. But nothing compares to AngularJS.

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