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What’s New in AngularJS 1.4

If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably didn’t notice the shift in JavaScript programming, going away from jQuery and MooTools to more advanced frameworks like Google’s AngularJS and Facebook’s React.

These two frameworks are the cornerstone for all of today’s client-side JavaScript projects, being highly efficient for creating both desktop and mobile JS-driven applications.

The new release of AngularJS was released today, and it brings major updates to the framework’s animation capabilities.

With AngularJS 1.4, developers can now trigger both CSS3 and JavaScript animations, can animate elements across pages, and have a new API at their disposal for handing animation callbacks.

Several updates and bug fixes have also been made to the Angular router, form validation, parsing and formatting module, and the framework’s HTTP service, a crucial component for interacting with remote HTTP services via XMLHttpRequest and/or JSONP.

This release was initially scheduled for the ng-conf conference in March 2015 but was delayed because Google’s Angular team is also working on a new major version of AngularJS, version 2.x that will be completely different and incompatible with the 1.x codebase.

With today’s release of AngularJS 1.4, the development team is now moving on to 1.5, a version that will focus on supporting and integrating as many new features as possible from the upcoming 2.x branch.

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