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Is AngularJS the Right JS Framework for You?

This column is by Arun Goyal, Founder and CEO at Octal Info Solution Technology

As it comes to the selection of right JS framework, AngularJS is considered among the top names. It’s maintained by Google and supported by a huge community of developers all around the globe.

Established technology, JavaScript is best to render hot digital properties. This dynamic client-side programming language is put together with HTML and CSS in order to extend and improve web functionality. This way it’s quite clear that numerous web development frameworks based on JavaScript powers a rising number of websites and web applications. AngularJS is among these frameworks and is most preferred by the developers of rich internet applications.

However, as it comes to the selection of JS framework, it’s necessary that you consider its pros and cons. Here’s the guide that will help you in deciding whether you should choose AngularJS or not.

Pros of AngularJS

Two-way data binding

AngularJS allows faster and easier data binding not requiring a developer’s intervention at all. It’s considered as two-way data binding that ensure that changes done in a manner to view display instantly in the model and vice-versa.

DOM manipulation

As compared to other prominent JavaScript frameworks, Angular easily relieve the developer of actively manipulating DOM (Document Object Model) with its two-way binding approach. This way developer saves time and efforts to code, translate and update the DOM elements.

Improved server performance

Supporting caching and various other processes, Angular lessens burden from server CPUs, which means the performance of the server is fast owing to reduced traffic and it serves only static files and responds to the API calls.

Faster application prototyping

Rapid prototyping is vital owing to the presence of frameworks such as Angular. It’s easy to develop app prototypes with good functionality, obtain feedback and modify easily in lesser time and you need to write much less code.

Responsive web

What’s better than to arrange an amazing end-user experience and AngularJS works best for the same as it allows responsive, fast-loading and seamlessly navigating websites and apps.

Highly testable products

Among the essential features of Angular is that it builds highly testable websites and application. It allows unit testing and end-to-end testing, and this way testing and debugging turn way simpler than you imagined. Debugging injections allow several components that can be isolated and mocked, while Protractor, Jasmine and Karma are among the unique testing tools offered by the framework.

The MVVM architecture

AngularJS employs Model-View-Controller and Model-View-Viewmodel architectural patterns laying strong foundations for application performance.  Owing to the divisions, the data gets separated from design and visual representation and this way even the complex web applications are easily managed.

Use of directives

AngularJS best uses directives keeping the scripts and HTMP pages mess-free and well-organized. This way you can create independent codes by putting together specific functions and use them in a repeated manner. Besides a set of pre-defined directives, the frameworks enable developers to create custom directives as well.

Fast development

You can quickly learn AngularJS and once you have developed the comfort to work on it, you will see that your development efforts and time that you spent to deal with it shrinks.

Cons of AngularJS

JavaScript support mandatory

Can you think of computers and laptops accessing your server but their support is disabled. This way associated users can’t access your website or web apps. When there are a lot such users, then AngularJS web properties are going to be of lesser use. However, it’s not same with plain HTML-based web.

Inexperience with MVC

When you’re a developer following traditional approach and totally unaware of the Model-View-Controller architectural patterns then Angular is going to consume a lot of time. Like when there are strict deadlines to meet, this could be the wrong approach. In that case you can hire some expert if you are keen to unlock the framework’s benefits.

The scopes

Well layered and hierarchically arranged, scopes are complex entities to handle when your experience with Angular is first. Then it could be typical to debug the scopes.

Other difficult features

It’s not easy to use directives and then various AngularJS features such as dependency injections and factories are problematic for the developers with traditional approach.

Difficult learning

Instead of following a straight learning graph, you could have difficulty in adapting the framework. Besides, limited documentation available is going to affect the learning process. So day-by-day extend community to make it easier.

However, these are all minor hiccups and it’s best to give this framework a go.

About the Author:

Arun Goyal, founder and CEO at Octal Info Solution Technology, carries profound experience in IT industry and based on that he creates informative and engaging piece of content. He expresses his outlook in his recent creation, hire PHP developer, which displays a great insight of the subject valuable for many of his followers. Explore him through his ideas on a number of domains and as a part-time author of this blog. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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