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Top 10 From Around The Web: More About Angular

AngularJS usually refers to the first generation of the Angular framework. Angular 2, which is very different and the one that is still evolving, is the one referred to as “Angular”. Items about both versions are included  in this Top 10 selection of posts from external sites.


toptal.com – Building Modern Web Applications with AngularJS and Play Framework

Building robust web applications is often a lot about choosing the right tools. Doing so with a combination of tools that ensure both a modern, flexible front-end, and a solid, reliable back-end is something everybody wants. In this article, Toptal engineer Denys Sinyakov demonstrates exactly that trick by combining AngularJS and Play Framework to build a simple blog application.

egghead.io – An Introduction to the AngularJS Directive

Directives are a core AngularJS feature. From the framework directives you will use every day like ng-model or ng-repeat, to your own custom directives that allow you to extend the vocabulary of the browser.

thepolyglotdeveloper.com – Build a Simple Mobile App with NativeScript and Angular 2

I have been building NativeScript applications for a while now using vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript. Even though NativeScript has been working with Angular 2 for a while now, I have been holding off until it was more stable. Not stable from an Angular 2 perspective, but more stable from a NativeScript and Angular 2 perspective. We are going to take a look at building a simple todo-like NativeScript Android and iOS application using Telerik NativeScript and Angular 2.

slideshare.net – AngularJS 1.X Slider Directive with No External Dependencies

This presentation is intended for beginners who are looking for scratching the surface of both MVC and AngularJS and I prepared it for a team of new beginners before they start to discover our application that is built on MVC and AngularJS.

dzone.com – Angular and React: Brief Comparison Based on a 2-Year Long Experience

During the last two+ years, our team at DashBouquet Development has worked on great variety of projects, including the ones on Angular, Angular 2, and React. Below are our notes in outline form based on our work experience with both Angular and React.

verticalmeasures.com – Overcoming Angular SEO Issues Associated with AngularJS Framework

Although AngularJS can be beneficial for user interaction and increased conversion rates, it can be challenging for a search engine optimization strategy and might significantly impact organic search traffic. Here are a few tips to help you overcome SEO issues related to AngularJS.

learninglaravel.net – Laravel 5.2 and AngularJS CRUD with Search and Pagination Example

In this article, I demonstrate how to create CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) using AngularJS and Laravel 5. I will also show how to search and create a pagination module to easily use in your Laravel project.

c-sharpcorner.com – ASP.NET Core: Getting Started With AngularJS 2

In this article you will basically learn how to set up the required tools needed for you to run a simple Angular 2 app within ASP.NET Core. By simple, I mean there’s no database or data model involved as I’m trying to keep this article as simple as possible so starters can easily follow. In my next article we will build an app that uses ASP.NET Core Web API to work with data.

dzone.com – ASP.NET Core: Getting Started With AngularJS 2

This article gives an overview of web development using AngularJS through Single Page Applications (SPA) technologies. It illustrates at a high level how to use AngularJS with technologies such as PHP, .Net, Ruby on Rails (ROR), and Java.

itsolutionstuff.com – Angularjs Simple Datepicker Directive Example Code with Demo

In this example, you implement a datepicker directive simply. The example also includes a demo.


From Our Partners

NetApp – Managing EBS Volumes in the AWS Cloud

To successfully meet the challenge of storing data in the cloud using AWS, IT professionals need to familiarize themselves with the management of Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes and snapshots. Read this article to learn about the most important facts of EBS storage in AWS, and discover two methods for replicating EBS volumes across AWS regions.


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