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Stack Overflow survey: Developers love TensorFlow & React, dread Hadoop & Angular

What’s so special about this Stack Overflow survey? Over 100.000 developers took it —compared to last year’s 64.000+ respondents—, which is quite impressive. This year, they covered some new topics including artificial intelligence and ethics in coding.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2018: Takeaways

  • DevOps and machine learning are gaining momentum, which means the languages and frameworks associated with these trends are on the rise. DevOps and machine learning specialists also have the highest salaries but not much has changed since last year.
  • There aren’t a lot of developers who would be willing to write unethical code but there’s also a lot of ethical gray. According to the results, developers are not sure how they would report ethical problems and if you ask them who’s responsible for unethical code, let’s say each person has their own point of view.
  • Developers are overall optimistic about the possibilities that artificial intelligence offers, but they don’t seem to reach a consensus on the dangers of AI.
  • Python has surpassed C# in popularity this year, much like it surpassed PHP last year. Even though it has a solid claim to being the fastest-growing major programming language, JavaScript is still the winner when it comes to popular languages — for the sixth year in a row.

Most loved, dreaded and wanted languages

The “shag, marry, kill” game is back! Although enumerating a bunch of languages, frameworks and libraries is fun, it’s better to compare the results with last year’s most loved, dreaded and wanted.

Source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2018

Source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2017

For the third year in a row, Rust is the most loved programming language among respondents. However, the most interesting result is that Kotlin, which wasn’t even included on last year’s list, occupies the second position. Impressive, right?

Python has worked its way to the top — from last year’s sixth position to this year’s third spot. Not bad! Meanwhile, Go has remained unchanged — it literally hasn’t moved, which means the results of RedMonk’s latest report are not far-fetched. We reported yesterday that Go has already been surpassed by the iOS-backed Swift and, for the second time in a row, this language has maintained its position on the RedMonk charts.

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Most loved, dreaded and wanted frameworks, libraries, and tools

Now the fun part begins. Remember the Angular vs. React story? If the results of this survey are true, we finally got some closure. According to this year’s survey results, developers love React and dread Angular. There must be a good explanation for this — how about this one?

Stack Overflow’s Ian Allen recently set out to show that “JavaScript UI frameworks and libraries work in cycles.” He used Stack Overflow Trends to see how popular Angular, React, Vue.js, and a few others and found that Angular is more popular with Java developers while Python and Node.js developers prefer React.

Read more about the findings here. 

Source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2018

Source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2017

React has suffered a downgrade but not because it hasn’t convinced enough people to give it a try. Last year, it occupied the first position with 66.9 percent votes; now that it has convinced 69.4 percent of respondents to develop with it, it occupies the second position. Need I remind you that over 100.000 developers took the survey this year?

Hadoop is still the third most dreaded technology but the fourth position is now occupied by Angular; AngularJS is no longer on the list.

What do developers want this year? React, Node.js, TensorFlow, and Angular. In 2017, they wanted to work with Node.js, AngularJS, React and .NET Core.

There’s also a list of most loved dreaded, and wanted databases and platforms and countless of other interesting results. Check out the findings here. If you want to see how 2018 results compare to previous years, look no further. 

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