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How to spam protection in WordPress

How to spam protection in WordPress? It is the most used feature of Preventing WordPress comment spam which is an ongoing regular process that can be done in 2 ways, either with the help of plugin or with a little bit of setting in WP. In this article, we focus on both the way. There are two factors we should consider while deciding your anti-spam plugin should be as below:

  1. Number of comments
  2. Traffic count.

Important features of WP Antispam Plugin

Even though there is a lot of anti-spam plugins you could look, however, there is a handy feature of WordPress you must look into it.

1. Minimal WordPress Database Impact

A great anti-spam plugin never allows the spam comment to get into the WP database. As a result, the SQL transactions will be decreased, which means less load on the server, which results in improved performance during peak traffic time. However there is a risk as well, if the user-defined settings of anti-spam go wrong, you can be lost a genuine comment forever (oops).

2. Zero Client-Side Actions

Actions on Client-side, the plugin should not ask your commentator to uncheck/check or enter a captcha code. Entering captcha just for the comment hampers the commentator’s experience, it must be avoided.

3. Preventing the spam from new user registration

The registration page of WordPress allows a user to register themselves on the website. The process of the registration is very straight and simple as a result, It is so simple to make automated by bots.

To stop this spamming process you can either use a plugin such as WordPress-Spam Shield or change the default WordPress setting which stops to spam activity by a new registration. 

4. Statistics

Statistics also play an important role to control spam because it helps us to get the analysis of spam so that we can take further action accordingly. Your plugin should have the features to download monthly or weekly reports of detected spam.

5. Cost

There are many plugins available in the market some are paid and some are free. WP-Spam shield & Antispam Bee are free, Cloud-talk and Akismet and many more plugins are paid for business sites.

List of WordPress Antispam Plugin that helps you to stop spam

Anti Spam Bee

The best choice for spam protection is Anti Spam Bee for almost all the developers. The best part of this plugin, it is free, it does not require registration and it is full of good features. Anti Spam Bee is free not only for personal however it also free for commercial use, so it does not matter which one your website is, but you can also be spam-free. 


  • Logs spammers by using Fail2Ban
  • You can see the monthly report on the Anti Spam Bee dashboard along with the number of spam.
  • We can schedule to clean the WP database of spam for a specific period.
  • You can apply the restriction/block on commenting activities from the specific IP addresses, different languages from different countries.

This line will go with image caption: Advanced anti-spam configuration measures of Anti-Spam Bee

2. Akismet

The next best choice after Anti Spam Bee is Akismet for almost all the developers which are developed by the Automattic team of Akismet brings high standard enterprise-level protection of spam to your WP website. To use this plugin user required to install then registration and activates the plugin by using an API key. In this plugin when all the incoming comments are uploaded on the Akismet server then those comments go through thousands (Sorry we don’t have the exact number) of the anti-spam algorithm. In the end, correct comments would be published however remaining are trashed to the spam storage.


  • organization use.
  • This plugin is compatible with the most used WordPress plugins like Contact Form7 and Jetpack.
  • $5 per month is the starting price of Commercial licenses.

How to spam protection in WordPress

3. WordPress-SpamShield Anti-Spam

WordPress SpamShield Anti Spam handles many kinds of spam such as registration spam, comment spam, contact form spam, and trackback spam. This great plugin doesn’t allow spam to enter into the WP database by using multiple methods. This plugin also allows you to block comments for a user who is using a proxy server.

2. Protection Layer:

  • This plugin contains 100+ Algorithmic Anti Spam layers filter to block trackback spam and human spam.
  • The Cookies/JavaScript Anti Spam layers that block all spambots.

Compatibility of Plugin:

  • WooCommerce plugins which come in E-commerce.
  • Comment form plugins such as Gravity Forms, JetPack, Ninja Forms, and Contact Form7
  • Also the membership plugins such as WordPress- Members and s2Member
  • bbPress and BuddyPress plugins which are a social plugin.

4. WordPress Zero Spam

WordPress Zero Spam has been created based on a concept by Mozilla developer David Walsh, This plugin uses client-side JS key validation and server to stop bots from spamming. In fact, users cannot write anything without JS enabled.


  • This plugin is free for both commercial and personal use.
  • No external servers/services needed for anti-spam checking.

5. Stop Spam Comments

This plugin is a very simple JS based spam comment blocker for WP. You just need to activate this to start preventing spam. The best of Stop Spam Comments is, it does not add captcha’s, other interaction or questions for the user to bumble over.

How to spam protection in WordPress

WordPress Settings to Prevent Spam

There are some ways to WordPress features/ default setting to stop Spam.

1. Default Article Setting

Just disable pingbacks and trackbacks to stop half of the spam traffic. By doing this you can allow visitors to write something only on new articles.

How to spam protection in WordPress

2. Other Comment Settings

It is a must that comment author needs to enter his/her email/name before leaving the comments. These features always enable by default in WordPress. If you set as mandatory that visitors need to enter his/her name/email then it will stop a great amount of spam. 

How to spam protection in WordPress

  3. E-mail Me Whenever

Recommended Before a Comment Appears Settings

Make sure repeat users does not require for approval who has already left a comment on your website, it will help to save your time and effort to find spam users. 

How to spam protection in WordPress

4. Comment Blacklist

Screenshot of the recommended Comment Blacklist Settings

Comment Blacklist is one of the stricter version. In this version, if there are any blacklisted words found in a comment, it will be sent to a spam folder, rather than moderation queue. By doing this it saves a lot of time.

How to spam protection in WordPress

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