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Beta version of ProtonMail 4.0 launches with an all-new look

ProtonMail has announced the launch of its ProtonMail 4.0 beta software. With the upgrade, users will experience an all-new look and underneath the surface, a new software framework is laying the groundwork for new features, products, and customisations in future updates.

In terms of the front-facing features, you’ll immediately notice the work that has gone into the revamped user interface. According to the firm, the new interface has been designed to feel lighter and help you work faster. Additionally, you can access all of your other Proton services from the new UI including your ProtonVPN account, ProtonContacts, and other planned products such as ProtonCalendar and ProtonDrive. A dark theme will also be added in the future during the beta phase.

On the back-end, ProtonMail is replacing AngularJS with React. This process is still on-going but the Settings and Contacts tools have already been ported. The inbox itself is still using AngularJS but will be moved over to React during the beta. With React, the web app will be much faster and new features can be more quickly deployed.

All users can try out the new beta release of ProtonMail 4.0, all you need to do is head on over to beta.protonmail.com. If you ever want to revert to the current interface then just navigate to the usual ProtonMail domain.

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