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Some Laravel Podcasts for your holiday break

As 2020 starts coming to a close you might be taking some time off work and have some spare time. If you are looking to fill some downtime with podcasts here are three new Laravel related episodes that just came out this week that you might want to download and check out.

Laravel Snippet #24 by Taylor Otwell

The Laravel Snippet is Taylor’s own podcast where he talks about some of the items he’s working on, and in this episode, he discusses the history and purpose of Laravel authentication scaffolding and what led him to write Laravel Fortify, Jetstream, and Breeze.

Laravel Podcast with Jess Archer

The Laravel Podcast is an interview series hosted by Matt Stauffer and in this episode, he talks with Jess Archer about API’s.

Laravel Internals #3

Laravel Internals is a live YouTube podcast that features Laravel Team members and they discuss some of their work on the various Laravel products.

Laravel News Podcast

Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda cover all the latest Laravel news and publish a new episode every two weeks. The last episode came out a week ago and they discussed PHP 8, Clockwork, and Honeypots

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