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Extract Untranslated Strings from Laravel Projects

Localizator is a small tool for Laravel that gives you the ability to extract untranslated strings from project files. It works using the artisan command line and the provided localize command:

php artisan localize de,fr

The above command will create a de.json and fr.json file in the resources/lang folder or add missing keys if these files already exist.

You can also use the configuration value in app.locale by running the command without arguments:

# Use the `config('app.locale')` value
php artisan localize

The package also provides configurable values to suit your project’s needs, along with sensible defaults:

return [

     * Search criteria for files.
    'search' => [
         * Directories which should be looked inside.
        'dirs' => ['resources/views'],

         * Patterns by which files should be queried.
         * The values can be a regular expresion, glob, or just a string.
        'patterns' => ['*.php'],

         * Functions that the strings will be extracted from.
         * Add here any custom defined functions.
         * NOTE: The translation string should always be the first argument.
        'functions' => ['__', 'trans', '@lang']

     * Should the localize command sort extracted strings alphabetically?
    'sort' => true,


You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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