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Python vs PHP for Web Development: Which Is Better?

Python and PHP are two extremely popular and high-ranked programming languages. If you may be wondering which language has a greater demand for web development, Python or PHP, Python is the winner. Statistics show that PHP comprises 26.2% of user-share and Python 44.1%. In our article, we will conduct a detailed comparison of these two languages and determine in which cases it is better to use Python or PHP for web development and why Python is more suitable.

Python vs. PHP: Which One Should You Choose for Website Development in 2021?

Selecting a coding language for any project, be it a website or application development, is a challenging and crucial step. There has always been intense competition between Python and PHP. We will provide a comparison of these two languages for you to make the best choice for your software development. We developed criteria that can be applied to almost any project. Let’s get started!

1. Performance

For some time now, Python has prevailed over PHP. However, since the launch of PHP 7, things have begun to turn in PHP’s favor. The PHP engineer team did a great job boosting the speed, overtaking many other coding languages. However, we can’t say that Python is an absolute loser in the speed competition. Both these languages are an excellent choice for developing a simple app or website. You can hire dedicated python developers without any worries concerning performance.

2. Complexity

To some extent, Python and PHP have many similarities, as both are dynamically typed and object-oriented languages. They can work with different operating systems, which is a substantial benefit. Python is an unbeatable leader in the ease-of-use competition. No language provides a simpler coding process than Python. 

Here are a few of Python’s advantages over PHP for web development:

  • high readability level and easy to learn and interpret, that is why many beginners start by learning this coding language;
  • the code takes less space compared to the other available coding languages;
  • coding issues, if they exist, don’t influence the whole program.

On the other hand, here are the cons of PHP:

  • Many junior programmers find it difficult and its rules too tricky
  • It is known for its peculiar syntax
  • Designed for complex websites and apps

For these reasons, it will be more beneficial for a company to hire a Python web development team. But it shouldn’t be the only criteria for choosing a coding language.

3. Flexibility

Here is when Python completely beats PHP. During the last few years, there has been a growing demand for such top-notch technologies as ML, AI, etc. Python also supports many huge machine learning libraries, which is a substantial advantage. What is more, the functionality of PHP is limited to web development only. At the same time, Python is good for web development and other services due to its universality and flexibility.

4. Frameworks

Frameworks suggest a model for creating and launching websites or applications. During the development lifecycle, it is conducive as you don’t have to redevelop the functionality. At this point, PHP and Python are equal, as both of them offer robust and well-thought-out frameworks for website development. Creating a website with PHP is easy as it works with such powerful frameworks as Laravel. Developers can also easily find help there. Python utilizes such web frameworks as Django that are rocket-fast, secure, and user-friendly. 

5. Developer Community

It is impossible to write a good code without any issues or bugs right away. All the developers, especially beginners, seek help on the Internet. Each widely used coding language should have strong community support. Both Python and PHP have large and supportive communities, so if your product is a startup or you are not a pro in coding yet, you don’t have to worry. You can find qualified help quickly and easily.

The Bottom Line

There is no universal answer to the question, “Which is better for web development: PHP or Python?” We won’t be radical because we realize that both Python and PHP are excellent website development choices.

The very first thing you need to take into account is the specific requirements. For instance, if you need a more sophisticated e-commerce website and time isn’t a problem, go for PHP and enjoy its robust functionality. But, if you are interested in fast and effortless web development with a short and universal code, Python is the best solution. We hope this article gave you insight on picking the right option. Good luck with developing your website!

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