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Best Games to Play With Google Assistant on Your Smart Display | by Anna Prist | Dec, 2020

Christmas is right around the corner and since most of us will be spending this holiday season at home, now is just the right time to plan some fun activities. Google Assistant is of great help here — it can entertain both kids and adults, making any party safe and fun. If you own a smart display, consider yourself lucky, as these devices provide a better gaming experience and full immersion, for they conjoin sound, touch, and visual elements.

We play-tested a number of games using Google Nest Hub to find the most enthralling and addictive ones, games you’d love to play on and on. It’s not just about graphics and sound, we analyzed program behavior, the gameplay itself, the response time, speech recognition, and limits of a system. As a result, we present our top games to play with Google Assistant on your smart display.

To start, just say OKAY GOOGLE, OPEN…

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If you ever asked your Assistant for games, you’ve probably seen this one among those highlighted by Google. In Guess the Drawing you’ll have to interpret an image as fast as possible while it’s being drawn on the screen. This game was built by a Dutch company CoolGames, a publisher of HTML5 cloud-based games since 2010, which explains the game’s excellence — the gaming experience is smooth, fun, and meaningful.

Another flawless game from CoolGames. It was built after Google had chosen the company to build the first voice-controlled crossword game for Google Assistant. In this game you solve fresh crosswords with various difficulty levels — name correct answers and navigate through the words by giving voice commands. When all the horizontal crosswords are correctly resolved, a vertical solution word is revealed and you move on to the next level. To get a hint you spend coins, and just like any mobile game, this one has different coin packages you can buy using real money.

Power of Words is an animated word scrabble game from Just AI. Filled with cute characters, this game takes you on an adventure — you are a Chosen One, whose mission is to save the tribe of peaceful creatures from the evil trolls. Words are your weapon — you have to build new ones from the given sequence of symbols. Every symbol of the new word makes damage to the monster. The game has a world map with 3 worlds and 45 levels (15 in each location). To pass the last 15th level and get to the new location you have to collect a certain amount of coins. Two types of currency are earned both in game progress and with direct purchases. The in-game currency can be spent to buy boosters, additional lives, and level packs.

Are you Feeling Lucky is another neat game featured by Google with a pretty cool animation. It’s a trivia that can be joined by up to six people. Each time you get 5 rounds of challenging questions. After each question, you get an amusing factoid, and in the end, you get an imaginary prize. The game has different categories, one of them is Google Search, where you have to guess the most searched words on Google. You should definitely try it, but let us warn you, it’s not that easy.

This holiday season take your loved ones with you, make yourself comfortable, and ask your Google Assistant to play a game.

Stay at home, stay safe, stay sane!

Happy holidays!

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