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How to use chatbots to easily surface firm intelligence from multiple Line of Business data sources? | by KLoBot — the Best AI-Chatbot builder platform | Jan, 2021

Firm intelligence is the next data revolution, and organizations today to be successful must gain value from the information it has access. Businesses to achieve productivity, as well as performance enhancements, must have an intention of transformation, as developing an intelligent organization is not possible without a digital transformation plan. Firm intelligence is workforce or organization focused and enables effective collaborative communications between internal as well as external users.

Although several organizations realize the enhancements, digital transformation can bring in to the firm, around 35% of firms still do not plan for digital transformation(1).

Chatbots have proven out to be one of the best digital transformation efforts to transform the way an organization gathers and utilize their knowledge.

Chatbots perform multiple business operations and process a massive chunk of data to deliver relevant answers quickly. A firm employee can have two roles as a manager as well as an assistant on two different portals. Here chatbots play a significant role in understanding access rights and delivering confidential data. Other than retrieving information from portals, a chatbot also makes it possible to write back or reply within the portal.

A chatbot goes through a sense think and act cycle to provide organizations with diversified communication models and conversation flows. Chatbots first collect the data required to complete a task and then thinks (thinking signifies an important essence of AI). Then the final step involves chatbots deciding to respond. These chatbots deliver responses faster than human agents and in a user-friendly manner.

Chatbots are one of the best solutions, especially for firms working with multiple data sources. Several firms across verticals are increasingly using AI-enabled chatbots to replace repetitive human work and strengthen their efficiency.

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AI-enabled chatbots are changing the way businesses are done by allowing employees to access information from multiple portals seamlessly. With a strong knowledge base, these intelligent chatbots can identify patterns and respond aptly with quality answers. These AI chatbots serve as a front-line virtual agent for firm employees dealing with numerous data sources.

With KLoBot’s easy drag and drop user interface, a chatbot can be quickly designed for simple as well as complex bot interactions. KLoBot can be configured with several popular channels, including MS Teams, Facebook, Twilio, Slack, and Cortana, among others.

KLoBot is an incredibly intelligent platform that can assist and accelerate a firm’s digital transformation with its intuitive conversational UI. Chatbots built on KLoBot come with skills such as speech to text, language understanding, text analytics, web search, and much more. To know more about KLoBot and the benefits it can offer to your firm, please click here.

The AI-enabled chatbots build on the KLoBot platform empower organizations to achieve a goal of enhancing business performance across a firm.

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