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The impact of technology in eLearning and how to make use of it | by Naveen Neelakandan

We are living in an era of upgrades. This is what Matt D’Avella said when talking about how technology became the main focus of many people’s life nowadays.

But How can we use technology to improve the effectiveness of training? Let’s look at new trends in technology in e-learning and see how we can use this to effectively improve learning in the workplace.

With the use of technology, better e-learning content can be produced through continuous access to a multitude of resources. Not to forget, the latest technology also helps you create the same content in shorter amounts of time.

More content can be added. And the same content can be expressed in a better way which will make the e-learning course easier and more fun to have.

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Moving on swiftly to another point, technology helps you save time. As a result, the content creators can focus on other aspects of training, like creating an effective learning strategy.

Wizcabin’s automated e-learning authoring system helps you create beautiful e-learning courses 70% faster compared to traditional authoring tools. The time saved, not only helps to save money, but it also helps you create more courses and update the content according to learner requirements.

The result is better learner engagement, improved effectiveness, and massive savings in e-learning production costs. And moreover, think about the time saved, that can be used for more productive activities or even having fun with friends and family!

The AI can be used to deliver a variety of messages, questions, and even answers which will make the e-learning process more innovative and creative.

But with the introduction of automation, content creators could set up “algorithm-scenarios” which means that the e-learning course will take a different path according to the answers of the learners.

Not only that, learners can interact and express what they have in mind simultaneously and thus getting rid of the classical boundaries that e-learning used to face in its early stages.

With the introduction of modern technology, the e-learning process will not only get easier, but the variety of activities and the amount of engagement and interaction will increase in a dramatic way.

And all of this thanks to the freedom and the multitude of new options that technology provides.

Here are some sample courses created with the Wizcabin automated authoring tool for your e-learning design inspiration!

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