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What Is a .STORE Domain? A Complete Guide to Branding an Online Store Perfectly

2. Better Rankings

Relevant backlinks aren’t the only thing that will improve your rank in Google search over time. When you use a relevant domain extension, you may find a boost in your organic traffic. That happens for two reasons:

  • You’ll get more relevant traffic. People searching for a “Halloween store” will come across your site as they’re literally typing your URL into Google. They’ll be more likely to click on your link because you’re what they’re looking for.
  • Your domain is semantically identical to its .com alternative. Although Google once claimed that domain extensions don’t count in keywords, the search engine clearly doesn’t ignore them. Check out what happens when we search “cabinet door store” and “cabinet door store com”


What Is a .STORE Domain? A Complete Guide to Branding an Online Store Perfectly

3. Better Keyword Opportunities

The screenshot above also reveals another interesting feature about more specific domain extensions: they can double as a keyword.

Google highlights in bold keywords related to your query. In our case, “cabinet doors” is one of them:

In this case, the metadata is seeded with the keyword “store.” However, once we included “com” in the search, we still ranked on the top because Google assumed our search intent involved shopping for cabinet doors (not the .STORE domain necessarily).

The .com domain name doesn’t have this advantage. That’s clever, isn’t it?

If you’re not convinced, here’s another example of it occurring that has nothing to do with registering domain names:

Emirates has an online store on a .STORE domain name and its commercial website on a .com domain name. When you search for “emirates merchandise”, guess which domain name ranks on the top?

What Is a .STORE Domain? A Complete Guide to Branding an Online Store Perfectly

See? A .STORE domain is good for SEO.

4. Improved User Perception

The example of Emirates also highlights the advantage that a .STORE domain has in terms of user perception. In this case, www.emirates.store is:

  • Clearer. Part of the reason that www.emirates.store ended up in first place was because the URL was more specific. Customers clicked and Google took note.
  • Seen as hip and higher end. The .STORE domain extension works well with Emirates’ branding. Whereas the .com extension is established and old-school, the .STORE extension evokes freshness and the sense that the brand keeps with the times.

World-class football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, leverages these two points nicely with his brand as well.

For example, www.cr7denim.store not only tells us exactly what lies behind that link but also establishes the vibe of the brand. By the time the page is loading, we already know we’re going to get something fresh and modern.

5. Enhanced Memorability

The availability of .STORE domain names mean there’s a better chance for you to create a truly memorable domain name that will boost your branding.

In general, it’s good practice to choose domain names that are easy to read, type, and say. But a .STORE domain lets you take it a step further. For example:

  • www.yummybakery.org vs. www.yummybake.store
  • www.southernstyle.com vs. www.southernstyle.store
  • www.goodvibestore.net vs. www.goodvibes.store

6. Optimized for Voice Search

Voice search has come to play a bigger and bigger role in the search engines, and domain name extensions can help you adapt.

For example, think about these two domain names:

  • www.qrious-jewelry.com
  • www.curiousjewel.store

While the former might be a visually clever way of spelling “curious,” it also has no chance of ranking in a voice search because that first word isn’t “curious” to Google.

If you wanted to get to the first domain using voice, you’d need to spell it out. That’s not a great user experience.

7. More Savings

The availability of .STORE domain names mean they’re also frequently inexpensive compared to their .com or .net alternatives.

For example, have you ever tried to register a domain name and been greeted with this?

What Is a .STORE Domain? A Complete Guide to Branding an Online Store Perfectly

This happens because people (or companies) called domain prospectors buy valuable domain names then resell them at a profit.

But imagine if you did this:

What Is a .STORE Domain? A Complete Guide to Branding an Online Store Perfectly

Since www.bakingupply.com is identical in Google to www.bakingsupply.store, you’ve just saved $118.

8. No Geographical Limitations

Some companies attempt to get around the crowded .com or .net spaces by using country-specific domain extensions. For example, you may have seen a site with a .com.au extension – that’s Australia.

Every country has one, and it can be a viable option for many companies. However, if you’re doing business globally, it doesn’t work.

The main problem with country-specific domain extensions lies in user perception. Your business might not be limited to Australia, but an Australian domain extension suggests that it does. That can easily be enough to drive off a potential sale.

Online Store Domain Name Ideas: How to Choose the Best Domain for Your Online Store

Using a .STORE domain is good for SEO and branding, but you still need to do it correctly. Here are five things to consider when brainstorming online store domain name ideas.

1. Do a Competitive Analysis First

The main advantage of a .STORE domain is the chance to compete for keywords alongside a competitor with a .com domain. As such, make sure to do a competitive analysis first. Include things like:

  • What are the domain names of your competitors?
  • What keywords are they ranking for?
  • What keywords are they not ranking for that could help you win organic traffic?

2. Think About What Your Customers Will Search

Google places heavy emphasis on search intent, so spend time thinking about what your customers are most likely to search. If you can identify exactly what they’ll type into Google and turn it into a domain name, you’ll land right in their path. For example, www.babyclothes.store. Do:

  • Remember that .STORE will double as a keyword
  • Search potential keywords to see what’s currently ranking
  • Find a middle ground between general and specific words

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