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5 Fantastic Reasons to Choose Javascript Over Java for Startups

Many people assume that since JavaScript has ‘Java’ in its name, the two are related somehow. While many programmers may complain about this coupling, others feel that this name confusion is just part of a marketing gimmick!

The evolution of both languages is so different that there is a popular joke in the IT industry that Java is to JavaScript like ham is to a hamster.

But since you have landed here, I suppose you are probably interested in a more useful explanation. Let me compare the two for you.

Had I written this article about 5 years ago, there would have been a simple comparison as Java is a general-purpose coding language, and JavaScript is used in web applications to make them interactive and animated. But now that JS has ‘grown-up,’ the comparison is much more complicated here.

So, fasten your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose JavaScript Over Java

Reason 1: A Language for Frontend and Backend Programming

Not to be surprised, JavaScript was originally introduced as a front-end interpreted language. Its main objective was to provide interactivity with users by providing functions such as event handling, forms, browser handling, and document handling (HTML). This is still true, with 94.5% of the world’s top 10 million websites using JavaScript in the interface.

Developer stats say that JavaScript is the only universally accepted interpreted language by all web applications and browsers. The interesting part of working with JavaScript is that it doesn’t stop here. The ones who created JavaScript continued to add amazing features.

But what made JavaScript a full-stack language?

When it comes to the backend, there are already many languages (PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, etc.). So, the norm was to learn one programming language for the front-end and another for the backend. This changed with the introduction of node.js (which is a JavaScript runtime), which has become the number one framework for developers. 

JavaScript is also one of the fastest-growing OpenSource (it is number four!) that enables developers to create scalable and lightweight web applications with ease.

JavaScript emerged as the only language that can be used in both frontend and backend programming enabling the full-stack web development phenomenon! So now you know why JavaScript scores significantly higher than Java.

Reason 2: Development Is Faster and Smoother

From writing fewer lines to reusing packages, there are many features that only JavaScript offers. Here are a few of them:

  1. Scalable: JavaScript is a scalable language. It has an event-driven framework that consumes fewer resources than Java. This makes it lightweight and efficient, reducing the load on the backend. Combined with non-blocking I/O, JavaScript enables developers to build websites and applications that are scalable.
  2. Reusability: In server-side JavaScript programming, there is a large set of libraries available in the form of the Node Package Manager (NPM). It has over 700,000 packages or libraries available for reuse, thus emerging as the largest repository in the world. This extensive support is not available for Java.
  3. Lines of code: In JavaScript, smaller lines of code achieve more functionality, unlike in Java. With the availability of many rich functions and libraries (e.g., NPM, as mentioned above) developers can achieve the same functionality with fewer lines than Java.
  4. Tools: There are several tools available to JavaScript developers. Provides open source ecosystem support for best-in-class IDEs/editors. It also provides some great zero cost tools like Sublime Text, Gulp, NPM, Webpack, Eslint, etc. This ecosystem of tools increased the productivity of developers.

Reason 3: Going by the Stats

Three things that make a language great: numbers, numbers, and numbers! JavaScript has great statistics, and here are some of them for your reference:

  • More than 900,000 servers implemented Node.js, which is the highest growth rate among all.

  • JavaScript is used by 67.8% of developers worldwide, and more companies are finding it difficult to hire JavaScript developers.

  • JavaScript is used by 95% of the 1.6 Billion websites present.

  • Microsoft, PayPal, Groupon, Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Google are a few major companies using JavaScript.

Reason 4: Most Popular Language

JavaScript has emerged as a powerful programming language and has consistently been implemented by various web browsers. By venturing into the backend, JavaScript has become very popular and has turned web browsers into single-page apps by Javascript development companies.

JS also continues to expand into innovative technologies such as virtual reality, games, animation, and rendering. More advancements are emerging in JavaScript as it becomes programming for embedded devices or systems. It also plays an important role in Internet-Of-Things (IoT), thanks to upcoming JavaScript frameworks like Cylon.js.

Reason 5: Easy to Learn, Faster to Master

The major difference between Java and JavaScript is that Java is an object-oriented programming language, while JavaScript is an object-based programming language. Many of their programming structures are similar.

As a developer, an individual starts with JavaScript on the front-end and transitions to a full-stack developer, as mentioned in the diagram below. It offers many easier aspects to the interface (e.g., weak type), which makes JavaScript one of the smoothest learning curves when it comes to developers.

JavaScript has emerged as a more versatile programming language than Java. It was due to continuous development, backend use, multi-domain growth, ease of use, and efficiency. While JS has come this far, Java has not achieved this level of growth even though it is still widely used.

With scalability going to be a key requirement of today’s web applications and cross-functional paradigms like IoT are becoming more widespread, JavaScript has been positioned as the number language startups can rely on.

All you need is to get in touch with the top JavaScript development company and come up with a successful business aid. All the best!

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