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Setting Up IIS on Windows


IIS is a well-known software to deliver websites on the Microsoft Windows platform. You can use it to deliver static contents, ASP .NET Web applications, or ASP .NET Core web applications. It has many other features, e.g., it can limit the exposed public surface area of the apps that it hosts. Also, it can provide an additional layer of configuration and defense and might integrate better with existing infrastructure.

Based on your OS, you might need to enable the IIS feature, and in this post, I will show you how to quickly setup IIS on your Windows machine.

Turn Windows Feature On or Off

Start menu: Turn Windows features on or off

If IIS is not enabled/installed on your machine, you need to turn this feature on. Click the shown item and it will open up a dialog as shown below, enable the following:

  • IIS Management Console
  • IIS Management Service

Windows Features: IIS Management Console and IIS Management Service

Enable Application Development Features

Next, we will expand the World Wide Web Service Node and enable the features as shown below:

Application Development Features node

Enable Common HTTP Features

Enable following Common HTTP Features:

Windows Process Activation Service

Next, enable WPA as shown below:

Windows Process Activation Service

Save and Apply Changes

Click OK button it will show a windows dialog as shown below and your changes will be applied:

Windows Process Activation Service

Open up the service tabs on your machine and check that Windows Process Activation Service (WPA) is running as shown below:

Windows Process Activation Service in Services

Start IIS Web Server

Now, start IIS from the start menu as shown below:

Starting IIS from start menu

and you will see IIS window similar to the following:

ISS Explorer Interface

There is already a Default Website, and try to access it from your browser:

Accessing Default Website from browser

and we can see that the default website is served to the browser. IIS is up and running.


IIS is the recommended way to serve web contents on windows. Setting this up on windows is not difficult either. To host your own websites you can can check my other article here on DZone to see how to serve ASP .NET Core and Angular application using IIS. Till Next time, happy coding.

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