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5 User Interface Frameworks in AngularJS for Web App Development

Angular is a framework that is used for building single-page applications. It is the structural framework for making dynamic web apps using HTML and Typescript. It makes use of Javascript for rendering client-side applications. HTML is used as a declarative language and is used as a template for creating dynamic web pages.

Another feature of Angular that makes it the most preferred knowledge for users is data binding and dependency injection that helps eliminate the coding part that is otherwise essential to write. Also, as it is written in Typescript, it offers optional functionality as typescript libraries and facilitating import to the apps.

Angular has defined architecture and comprises of the basic building blocks or Angular components organized efficiently into NgModules. These NgModules are responsible for collecting the related code and assembling it into functional codes.

It is the most widely used open-source web app framework that proficiently supports MVC architecture. MVC (Model-View-Controller)is the architecture or the development structure that helps differentiate the user interface and the business logic. It helps facilitate the usage of many user interface frameworks to maintain the UI of the application. Such features make the AngularJS framework the preferred framework for building custom web applications easily and quickly without actually composing any CSS style for it.

Following are some of the most widely used UI frameworks for the AngularJS framework

UI Bootstrap

UI Bootstrap is one of the most robust frontend tools that efficiently helps eliminate the use of jQuery or Bootstrap. It provides the smoothest and faster web development. Ui bootstrap combines with dependencies like CSS, touch, and animate to provide a beautiful and seamless web application layout performance.

Angular UI Grid

Angular UI grid comes to the rescue when the web application demands large data sets. It effortlessly sorts, groups, and filters the data for visualizations and user interactions. Further, it doesn’t require any dependency other than AngularJS and can work without the implementation of jQuery too. The Angular UI grid makes easy customization of the webpage with the feature of Built-in Customizer by simply changing the CSS.


LumX is a highly responsive AngularJS UI Framework with a complete dependency on Angular for web application development. It is the most reliable UI framework for enhancing web application performance. It uses jQuery and works as a full CSS framework.

Quantum UI

Quantum UI as the MVVM architecture uses Bootstrap and CSS structure. It is a partially open source UI and is hosted by Github. It has a decent number of UI components that count up to 60 and are rest-service friendly.

Suave UI

The Suave UI framework helps develop the aesthetic UI of the web app by adding CSS definitions. Suave helps make the use of colored buttons, layered elements, and directives for an effortless UI.  A single command helps prevent the components from bundling files leading to fewer efforts from developers.

Wrapping Up

Amongst the various Angular UI frameworks, each one has its own benefits that make web development easier and faster. Web developers opt for the best frontend framework by analyzing the web needs and customize it accordingly.


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