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Fusion Full-Stack Framework for Modern Web Dev on Java Backend

Marcus Hellberg explains what Vaadin Fusion full-framework is and how it leverages Lit, MobX, and Spring Boot to make building web apps easy. 

(If you love Vaadin’s 100% pure Java Flow framework, do not panic! Fusion is not a replacement. Instead, it complements Flow.)

A live-coded intro makes it quite clear why full-stack frameworks make your life easier as opposed to maintaining a DIY frame on top of React. Not only is making the right choices hard (see below), but keeping everything in sync over time is a lot of work.

Flow chart depicting the difficulty of maintaining a DIY frame with React

Flow chart depicting the difficulty of maintaining a DIY frame with React

This video gives a thorough starting-from-zero walkthrough on how to build a full-stack app for a shopping cart like this:
Shopping cart example

Shopping cart app example

A Reactive template based on Lit leverages ready-made standard web components, automatically binding them to a data model.

Reactive template on Lit

TypeScript gives auto-completion across all layers and Vaadin automates communication and forms for you based on this simple service definition.

Auto-completion across all layers

The data model is in plain Java, with Lombok taking care of the boilerplate for you.

Validation annotations above are automatically run in both the browser and in the server for security. 

Spring Data takes care of storing it in a database.

Yes, that is all! See the tutorial first and then take a look at the code.

Application structure, routing, build tooling, etc. were all automatically created for you.

Try it out!

Vaadin App builder

Vaadin App Builder

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