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7 Top Web Development Technology Stacks For 2021

In 2021, we have stepped into a new decade in which some technology stacks will play in the forefront and dominate the web development world. Are you up to date with the web technology stacks for 2021? If not, then this article can help you out.

“Figuring out what the next big trend is, tells us what we should focus on.” — Mark Zuckerberg.

Over the years, web development has become an indispensable element in the success of every industry. It’s your business window that gives global recognition. And, as you know, the web development world is continually changing, so its technology stacks are as well. 

To make 2021 a flourishing year for your business, it is essential that you follow the right web development technology.  So, I have made a list of the top web development stacks for 2021 to help you out.


Experts consider MEAN technology the best for web development due to its various benefits. It comprises MongoDB (NoSQL DB), Express.js (backend web framework), Angular.js (front-end framework), and Node.js (open source cross-platform server), and can be used for developing complex mobile and responsive web applications. 

The single language used throughout this stack is JavaScript. Its components are JSON savvy and excellent in data transmission with free module library access. This means web developers can reuse this code across the whole app without reinventing further. JavaScript’s development is sufficient to work on this web development technology stack. The stack also aids in developing fast, highly efficient, and scalable software applications.

Advantages of MEAN

  • Highly Flexible
  • Cost-Effective
  • Open Source
  • Easy switch between client & server.
  • Excellent for real-time web applications. 
  • Time-Saving

Disadvantages of MEAN

  • Extra hype
  • Lack of widespread support
  • Security exploits


MERN is nearly identical to MEAN with a bit of technological change where Angular.js is exchanged with React. The main benefit of using MERN is the integration of React and its powerful library source and capability to use codes simultaneously on servers and browsers. Additionally, it has phenomenal full-stack development (frontend and backend) possibilities. React utilizes JavaScript XML and Virtual DOM, and these components work and implement changes seamlessly.

React is a popular framework known for its flexibility and performance-oriented approach, enabling the building of top-end single-page apps with interactive interfaces. The MERN technology stack comes with an extensive suite of testing tools and is open source with community backing. It is the second most popular web technology stack of 2021.

Advantages of MERN 

  • UI Rendering & Performance
  • Cost-Effective
  • Open Source
  • Easy switch between client and server

Disadvantages of MERN

  • Not fit for large scale applications.
  • Lower productivity
  • Prevents common coding errors

3. Meteor.js Stack

Meteor.js is an open-source website development platform and makes JavaScript app development much faster for desktop, mobile, and web. You can integrate it with popular frameworks, tools, and technologies that you are already using. You can use the same code to develop apps for iOS, Android, desktop, and the web.

With Meteor.js, you get an integrated JavaScript tech stack that ranges from the applications’ database to the viewer’s screen. It means that what one can achieve in a few lines might not have been possible in more than 100 lines. The majority of web developers across the globe are using Meteor.js to develop scalable applications. This stack is supported by a large community of developers.

Advantages of Meteor.js

  • Simplicity
  • Seamless Client-Server Communication
  • Real-time Testing Tool
  • Debugging
  • An abundance of Packages and Libraries

Disadvantages of Meteor.js

  • Lacks the SSR support
  • Problems with data integrity
  • Absence of a native widget library
  • Lacks the inbuilt support for PWA

4. Flutter

The next web development technology on my list is Flutter, a revolutionary web stack for the cross-platform development industry.  Its major components include Dart, Flutter engine, Foundation Library, and Design-specific Widgets. 

Flutter is an open-source software development program for developing Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web, and Linux applications from a single codebase plus business logic.

With it, you don’t have to compromise on speed while building user interfaces, adding new features, or fixing bugs. When making software or an application, it is essential to employ a steady and regulated software technology stack. The backend needs to be created with tools that complement each other in order to reduce development time and coordinate resources. 

Advantages of Flutter

  • Dart
  • High performance
  • Growing popularity
  • Money and time economy
  • Mild learning curve
  • One UI design
  • Powerful community

Disadvantages of Flutter

  • Flutter Developers Flaw
  • A limited set of tools and libraries
  • Heavy file size
  • Weak iOS features support
  • Lack of password manager support

5. The Serverless Technology Stack

Developing applications on cloud infrastructure is a popular web development trend these days and choosing it can benefit you greatly. Infrastructure management has become easy now with the provision of services plus tool, provided by Serverless computing platforms.

With the Serverless technology stack, one can easily scale up to thousands of users immediately during sudden spikes and scale down too as the spike subsides. The first abstract serverless platform offering serverless computing services was Google App Engine, introduced in 2008, and later AWS launched AWS Lambda in 2014.

Advantages of Serverless Technology Stack

Disadvantages of Serverless Technology Stack

6. The LAMP Technology Stack

LAMP is an old classic industry standard when it comes to time-tested web development stacks, which comprise MySQL (Relational Database Management), Linux (Operating System), PHP (Programming Language), and Apache (HTTP server). It is open-source and available for free.

The stack runs efficiently on all operating systems. In web development, it provides the website the best performance, cost efficiency, plus flexibility. Its components can be interchanged or modified within the same stack.

Today, the LAMP technology web development stack’s simplicity, power, and stability have made it the chosen platform for developing custom and advanced web apps for 2021.

Advantages of LAMP Technology Stack

Disadvantages of LAMP Technology Stack

7. Ruby on Rails Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a developer-friendly web development stack available today for 2021. It is open-source, object-oriented, and uses a dynamic programming language called Ruby. RoR facilitates the development of lightweight applications that increase flexibility. 

The stack works in tandem with HTML, CSS, and JS for creating interactive user interfaces and XML or JSON for data transfer. It allows the use of default structure for web pages and database management. It also provides developers with a detailed error-log to build bug-free applications.  

Advantages of Ruby on Rails

  • Time efficiency

  • High no. of helpful tools and libraries

  • Huge and active community

  • Strong adherence to standards

Disadvantages of Ruby on Rails

  • Shortage of flexibility

  • Continuous evolvement

  • Price of a mistake

  • Performance time

So, What’s The Best Stack For Web Development 2021?

Selecting the best web development technology stacks 2021 is a daunting task. Here, I’ve shared all the top web development technologies to guide you better and you can pick the one according to your project requirements. By having faith in these technologies you can succeed in your business.

I hope now you have a better idea of choosing the right technologies and tools in tandem with your project goals. However, if you have any doubt, in that case, a web development company in India can help you in the best way. So go ahead and make your decision today. 

Good Luck!

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