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ByteBrew Is the Definitive All-in-One Analytics Platform for Mobile Game Developers

That’s why you need ByteBrew, a free all-in-one platform built by developers, for developers, to guide you safely through the stormy waters of analytics, monetization, user acquisition, and all the other bewildering stuff you need to get your head around in the games business these days.

“Being game developers,” says co-founder Kian Hozouri, “we know the struggles that developers face when trying to grow their game. That’s why we built ByteBrew to give developers all the technology they need in one easy to use platform.”

ByteBrew’s unique, lightweight SDK is totally free to install, and covers four vital aspects of marketing and optimizing your product.

First up, there’s a comprehensive analytics suite, giving you in-depth, real-time intelligence on your most essential engagement metrics, such as new users, session length, daily active users, and even the progress individual players have made through your game.

All this is filterable by geography, date ranges, builds, version numbers, and so on, ensuring that no data will evade your analytical microscope.

ByteBrew’s monetization dashboard, meanwhile, lets you see exactly how your game is bringing in cash, whether that be in-app purchases or ad revenue. You can filter by date ranges, and see exactly how many ads have been served, how many purchases have been made, and so on.

Next up, there’s the Attribution dashboard, which gives you detailed insights into where your ad spend is going. You can see impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions, and more. Plus, ByeBrew also comes with its own predictive analytics, letting you see the future. Sort of.

Lastly, there’s the Automation dashboard, which gives you an unprecedented amount of control when it comes to defining the parameters of your user acquisition goals. You can even target specific types of users based on their behavior.

If this is all starting to sound complicated, fear not. ByteBrew’s entire purpose is to take the complex, messy business of analytics off your hands so that you can concentrate on your masterpiece. With their newest feature, Cloud Builds, ByteBrew even removes the vexing process of building your passion projects for the mobile market by building, and uploading your games straight to the app stores.

“Let’s keep developers making new and engaging games,” says Cameron Hozouri, ByteBrew’s co-founder and company head, “and let us build the tools and technology developers need to grow them”.

Head to www.bytebrew.io right now to pre-register for ByteBrew’s Open Beta.

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