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How to Build a Responsive React Carousel

React Carousel

A carousel in React is a slideshow, or a series, of several images. A React carousel is built with the help of CSS transitions and JavaScript coding. A carousel in React can include any element, like image, text, videos, markups, etc. In React, you can create a carousel that has an interactive control like a forward and backward button and image indicators.

React supports a vast collection of highly dynamic and interactive carousels. Also, it has several libraries from which you can build a carousel. These libraries are linked to the React app as an additional plugin, and you can start using them to make a carousel. You can create any type of image carousel with interactive controls and also without them. In React, carousels do not determine their dimensions on their own; you will need to specify them. This is because you might add custom stylizing, transitions, and text, all these are required manual modifications. The indicators and elements are not essential to be passed explicitly while making a carousel in React; you can add them anywhere.

Building a React Carousel

1. Create a Data Containing Object

Initially, you will need to make a component that can hold all the data of the carousel. This component should be an array that lets you set the slides and that will change the image or text accordingly.  

2. Components of the Carousel

Next, you will have to create components for the Carousel. Those components will contain all the interactive elements, like the indicators, buttons, next and previous buttons, etc. Let’s include forward and previous buttons as arrows. For this, you should have the images for the arrows you will be using in the carousel. Both the arrows are going to be similar; only the functions will be different. You will have to add <div> functions that will contain the images you will be using for the buttons. You can also add an onclick function so that they will execute when clicked.