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AIMIsocial Is a Free App Using Machine Learning to Run Your Social Media Strategy Automatically

That’s why we love AIMIsocial. This slick, user-friendly social media app harnesses the power of AI to essentially take your social media responsibilities off your hands. It schedules, writes, and posts your social media messaging automatically, and it does it better than you ever could.

AIMIsocial is the brainchild of Peter Pena and Zachary Hedges, whose experience in the marketing automation software space goes back more than six years.

Having helped more than 15,000 businesses to exploit AI, they realized that many companies don’t have deep enough pockets to take advantage of the social media revolution. While the likes of Coca-Cola and Starbucks are able to thrive in the digital universe, smaller businesses get left behind.

In the words of Zachary Hedges, “Most small business owners don’t know how to write content, are not marketers, or don’t have the time to learn how”. Amen. He goes on: “they have marketing tools they don’t use effectively or use at all. It is like giving them a racecar without a driver”.

So they created the driver – a powerful, reassuring digital assistant called AIMI, an AI app designed to, “create great content and a monthly editorial calendar for small business owners, making their content marketing easy, cost-effective, diverse, and profitable.”

Using machine learning, AIMIsocial creates bespoke editorial calendars for whatever business you’re running, from catering to fashion. Plus, it creates custom campaigns for every conceivable type of event, whether you’re launching a podcast, holding a sale, running a webinar, or whatever, drawing on a huge library of royalty-free images to make your posts pop.

AIMI will become the most useful member of your team – and you don’t even need to pay her. AIMIsocial is free to download and use.

To get started, download AIMIsocial right now on the App Store and Google Play.

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