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Top 7 mobile app development trends in 2021

Every year, we come across new trends in technology and be curious to find out what is the future of tech. 

So, here we added the top seven mobile app development trends one needs to watch out for in 2021 and the future. 

These technologies have not only transformed all the industries but also affected the lives of normal people profoundly. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science focused on building machines that function equal to humans. 

Humans have a fascination with building robots that help them in household chores or performing a difficult task that humans are limited to do. It can be doing a job in extreme conditions such as sending a robot to the spaceship, deep into the sea, inside the volcano, or cave. 

AI can also be used for predictions and forecast an event beforehand. It can be predicting the weather, solar eclipse, or predicting the growth of a business, etc. It is also used for recognizing an object and clustering it for further action.

The applications are face recognition for security purposes, ID verification using biometrics, identifying tumors or cancer in our human body, etc. Artificial intelligence is helpful and implemented across all industries. 

When it comes to mobile app development, it is used to recognize the user activity on the website for providing personalization and suggestions to user taste. For instance, AI can be used in e-commerce websites, marketplace platforms, news-apps, social-networking apps, video-streaming apps, music-streaming apps, on-demand apps, etc, to understand user interests and provide new suggestions, and curate information in their feeds. It is also used in smartphones for organizing files and images. 


Whenever we visit a new website, we get greeted by a chatbot to guide us through the website. The chatbot understands our questions and replies appropriately. 

A chatbot is a programmed bot that is designed to help humans with their questions. Chatbots are commonly used in e-commerce sites or marketplace websites to assist users and guide them. According to the report added by the Research and Markets, the chatbot market size is projected to grow $9.4 billion by 2024 at an annual growth rate of 29.7%.

It is also adopted by MNC companies who want to handle new customers to their website by using chatbots. They can be conversational builders until someone from the support team is assigned. 

There is a growth of significant chatbot development companies in the world. Engineers are designing chatbots with AI technology to intuitively understand human needs and help them out when they visit a website.  


Blockchain technology is in its nascent stage and one of the most popular trending technologies in the world. Many companies are experimenting with blockchain technology to build a practical mobile application that helps mankind. 

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that is stored on thousands of servers where anyone on the network can view changes made on the ledger. 

The practical mobile applications that are made possible from this technology are: 

Supply chain monitoring – Be it running a restaurant and keeping track of shipping details, blockchain can be used to view all the details transparently and notify all the users in the network before adding any new entries or making any changes. 

Secure people’s information – A decentralized blockchain ledger reduces the threat of private information such as birth details, social security numbers, bank numbers, etc. 

Voting system – The voting system all over the world is done securely to seal the identity of the people and also their choice. Blockchain technology can be used to secure the voting data and gives freedom for the user to vote from anywhere securely. The best example is how West Virginia used blockchain technology for its voting system. 

Payment processing and money transfer – To make a payment securely or to finance for a member on the network, one can opt for blockchain technology. The best example is the exchange of crypto-currency between two or multiple parties.  


This tech is one of the most anticipated and accepted by all the people. Wearable technology has made it easy for users like us to perform multitasking at ease and be handy during any difficult situation. 

The most famous example of wearable tech is smartwatch technology. We have seen the capability of the Apple Watch and how it offers more features and benefits to humans. According to Statista, the smartphone product category is projected to increase from 66 million units in 2019 to 105 million units in 2023. The alternative to Apple Watch is the Fitbit and Mi brand. 

Similar to a smartwatch, we have fitness trackers that track the user’s sleep routine, heart rate, steps counter, calorie checker, pulse, etc. This benefits middle-aged and older people to track their health and be more aware. 

Also, wearables tech has replaced the traditional hearing aid with the wearables. It is helpful for people who have hearing problems and find it difficult to hear small sounds. It is designed to be small, wireless, and provides an improved Bluetooth range. 

Internet of things 

The Internet of things is the network of physical devices that are connected to one another which collects the data from the surroundings and transfers it into the network. The physical devices can be a smartphone, smartwatch, vehicle, electric home applications, etc. According to Statista forecasts, the global IoT market is forecasted to grow to $1.6 trillion by 2025. 

We can quote so many examples born out of IoT technology. The famous is self-driving cars. The vehicle is integrated with sensors that capture the surrounding data of other cars and their distance. They have the data of all the routes and how to function the car. By collecting the surrounding data, the car can move by itself without any human intervention. Tesla has introduced self-driving cars and is definitely the future of technology. 

Another example is fleet management or inventory management. You can attach sensors to track all the fleet and get complete information about the trips taken and their destination to your mobile app. This enables to automate all the operations and the work for humans. IoT can be used to manage all the inventory in restaurants and departmental stores. If there is less in stock, the machine can intimate the owner by sending a message to their phone or to a mobile app to restock the goods. 

Cross-platform development 

A few years back, business owners made huge investments to build native mobile applications on all platforms for their business. Today, cross-platform technology has helped in developing the code once and making the application work on any platform. The platform can be Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. 

The different cross-platform frameworks are Flutter, NativeScript, Xamarin, Phonegap, Ionic, and React Native. 

React is one of the famous cross-platform tools that offers huge benefits to developers in building an application. Flutter is new to the cross-platform community. It is introduced by Google and grew popular for its customizable widgets and hot reload feature. 

Xamarin is a Microsoft owned cross-platform tool where the code is written in the c# language. Ionic is an open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development. 

Voice user interface 

The Voice user interface enables mobile phones to speak to users and recognize the commands of the user to make an action. Siri and Alexa are one the common voice user interface everybody is aware of. 

When Siri was initially launched, it was designed to accept simple commands from users to do any operations on the smartphone like call a friend, set the timer, look up a piece of information on the internet, or make a booking. But, today it was designed to run the households like switching on/off the lights, turning on/off the tv, controlling the room temperature, or playing music. 

One of the finest competitors to Siri is Alexa, which was designed by Amazon. It was capable of playing music, setting alarms, making a to-do list, providing news reports. Alexa can also be used to control the home by connecting additional third-party software. 

Other than Siri and Alexa, there are other alternatives such as the Google Assistant provided by Google and Cortana developed by Microsoft. 

Google Assistant was introduced in 2016 in Google phone and then added in smart speakers like Google Home. Cortana was initially released in 2014, included in all Microsoft software. Today the voice user interface is integrated only in a few applications. 


So, let’s rewind what we read in this blog, 

The top 7 mobile app development trends to watch out for is: 

  1. Artificial intelligence

  2. Chatbot

  3. Blockchain

  4. Wearables

  5. Internet of things

  6. Cross-platform development 

  7. Voice user-interface

These technologies are not only the present but also dominate the future. These technology trends are exciting but also have limitations in the development process. Engineers and developers are working with possible facts and hypotheses and trying to come up with efficient algorithms to run these technologies perfectly. 

Also, there is a bright future in research and development as most MNCs are making huge investments in coming up with new ideas that can revolutionize the current business models and change the way humans work. The day is not far off. So, let’s hope by next year, we get to see new and innovative trends in the technology industry. 

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