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How To Integrate Chatbot in Email Marketing? | by Vibhu Dhariwal | Feb, 2021

Vibhu Dhariwal

Email marketing is one of the most prominent tools used by businesses to attract and convert leads. It can boost your ROI by 4200%, which means with every $1 you invest in email marketing, you can anticipate an average return of $42. With such heavy bunce, nine out of 10 marketers use this method to make people aware of their product.

Furthermore, the integration of a chatbot can simplify the process of interaction and establish a personal touch with your prospective customers. 55% of people want instant responses to their queries, which can only be done through chatbots. It can cut your operational cost by 30% and boost your sales by 67%.

The following article will suggest multiple ways on how to optimally use chatbot with your emails to conquer a larger audience.

The first step towards email marketing is to collect the email ids of your potential customers. There might be thousands of people visiting your website daily, but only 2% of people will subscribe to your email list. These people are your warm leads who are interested in knowing more about your product. To do so, you have to build a channel that asks your readers to give out their email addresses.

Here, the use of chatbot comes into existence. You can establish a chatbot that will start a conversation with the reader by offering them any value integrated content. The chatbot appears in the form of a pop-up after the reader has spent a couple of minutes on the website and is interested in becoming part of your mailing list.

Every business is using email marketing to boost its sales and people’s inbox is filled with those typical messages. To stand out, you have to send emails that satisfy the need of a particular segment of your audience. Personalized messages have a 26% of higher opening rate as compared to generalized subject lines. You must create content that resonates with the targeted audience. Effective segmentation can boost your revenue by 760%.

You can part your subscribers into the following segments.

Integrating Chatbot will help you collect all kinds of data without any human need. You can pre-define the segments in your chatbot and the device will work accordingly. Include only the required information otherwise, it can bore the person and they might choose not to subscribe to your email list.

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Your potential customers can be anywhere, so you need to establish a channel of communication that can provide instant responses wherever they find your brand. 90% of people prefer a business that offers omnichannel communications. You must establish a chatbot on all social media platforms to optimize the user experience.

Businesses using multi-channel communication have tripled their customer engagement as compared to companies who have still not adopted it. This not only boosts interaction but lowers the burden on the customer support staff. In research conducted by IBM, it was found that chatbots can reduce your customer support cost by 30%.

A person who has willingly offered their email address in return to receive value-added content is more likely to convert than any normal visitor. To improve your conversation, you need to focus on these people and establish yourself as an expert. Integrating a chatbot will give your readers a human conversational experience where they can ask questions and get instant responses. A chatbot can identify repetitive readers who are interested in your brand can be converted into a warm lead.

These people can get personalized messages to encourage them into investing in your product or service. 64% of people admire chatbot because of its 24-hour service. A chatbot is never offline, your readers can anytime initiate a conversation.

Unopened emails are a problem in every email marketing campaign, roughly around 75–85% of emails do not get opened by the subscribers. This data depends on many factors like the subject line, quality, time of sending the email, etc. However, if you qualify all the parameters then establishing a chatbot on your website can be a good option.

Chatbots can be used to inform your potential customers about any time-limited offers or other existing information that might boost the sales of your product.

Emails and chatbots both can be categorized as basic marketing techniques for businesses in today’s world. And integrating them can help your brand reach a much wider audience. You can take help from experts to establish a chatbot on your website, and eventually, build up a channel that collects quality leads.

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