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DZone Survey: Modern Web Development

In the sad part of our lives, we web developers spend our time frantically scurrying to learn the latest framework or build pipeline, which it turns out is about 17% really cool. But why must I conform my brain to the other 83% that isn’t relevant and will look hot on my resume for the next 6 months, then embarrassingly stale for the next 10 years?

In our happier moments, however, we ponder such profound questions as:

  • How “fat” should a web application’s client side be?
  • Has JavaScript really gotten much better since 2015?
  • Is ES6 class syntax actually helpful?
  • What kinds of computational work is done in-browser in real-world web applications?
  • Where does web application performance typically bottleneck?
  • Is two-way view<->model data binding a terrible/great/decent/ItDepends idea? 
  • What makes a web application excellent?
  • Simple for loop? Array.forEach? Array.reduce?..map+reduce?? Does my browser really care??
  • How do all of these questions relate to programming paradigm application (OO, functional, procedural) in a multi-paradigm language like JavaScript?

If you too ponder such things, you’ll want to read the results of our latest survey on modern web development.

If you have opinions about such things, our latest survey on modern web development is the place to speak your mind, so developers for whom the condition in the last paragraph is truthy can learn from you.

The survey should take ~10 minutes to complete. All web developers, anywhere on the stack, are invited to participate, and five respondents will win a $100 Amazon gift card!

Take the survey here.

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