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The first premium course for Laravel Nova was released!

Mastering Nova is the first comprehensive, end-to-end, course that is launched by Bruno Falcao that covers all the aspects of Laravel Nova, take a look at the features:

  • More than 50 Videos, pristine HD quality using professional sound recording
  • Approximately 6 hours of video content, divided by 4 Chapters
  • Full codebase available, and even a full Helpdesk Nova Tool that you can use
  • Tons of hidden, undocumented, gems, that will make ease your life when working with Nova
  • Chapters covering Resource management, UI Components development, Testing, Popular packages, etc

The course was structured for anyone that wants to learn Nova, from beginners to advanced level. It has 4 different chapters, divided as:

  • All Features of Nova explained, where you’ll learn in detail each of the standard functionalities like Fields, Resources, Cards, Metrics, and Lens
  • A deep dive on Resources, from the basis to Abstract Resource composition, Resource Testing, Authorization best practices, and filtering Resource data the right way
  • A full Chapter for UI Components development, Async communications, data syncing Frontend-Backend, creating custom Tools and Cards, with a full module development like Helpdesk
  • A demo on each of the best Laravel Nova packages

The Course is recorded with a pristine video and sound quality, with every attention to detail, with short lessons that go right to the topic, or longer ones when a more complex topic is being explained, everything is demonstrated with real exercises and real coding examples.

If you are using Nova on your web applications, you should definitely check out this course, since it will make you save dozens of hours trying to discover how to make that impossible UI or Resource feature work!

And also, if you buy it, it’s now with 30% discount AND you will also receive a 30% discount voucher for the next course that Bruno is already recording that will be launched this year. More news on this to come out soon!

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