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How to build Alexa Skills without coding knowledge (2021) | by Ipervox | Jan, 2021

Building Alexa Skills without coding

When talking about Alexa Skills building, the common things that come to someone’s mind is AI, programming language, complicated coding, and so on.

You may also think that projecting and executing the creation process is very complicated too.

For most of the process, all of the difficulties mentioned above remain true. We state “for most of the process” since nowadays, it has become easy to build your own Alexa Skill, where all is needed is the idea of what you want it to be for.

Now, it is much easier to create them since the No Code trend has influenced how Amazon manages the Skill creation process.

It started in November 2014, when Amazon launched its series of Amazon Echo devices, which were Alexa-enabled smart speakers.

They weren’t Alexa themselves, but they were the best channel of receiving the voice request, sending it to Amazon Servers where the hard processing work is made, and obtaining the answer or action requested.

It started with nearly 100 abilities Alexa was capable of doing, even though it now has more than 120.000 Skills available.

This all was made possible in mid-2015 when Amazon released a dedicated platform that would allow every interested developer to create Alexa Skills: the Alexa Skills Kit.

Since the developers weren’t the only ones with the desire to build Alexa Skills, use and publish them, Amazon came with a bright solution in 2018.

That solution was Alexa Skill Blueprints. A way for non-developers to build simple Alexa Skills and use them. They even prepared an entire series of tutorials on how to use them.

In their effort to gather more developers and work for creating more Alexa Skills, Amazon made it easier through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) console and Alexa Developer Portal.

This would take the Skill-building process to arise, especially with Amazon supporting the developers and those interested in improving the voice technology. It was the Alexa Fund: dedicated to those with the intention of working in new voice technologies.
There are also the Alexa Developer Rewards and Alexa developer promotions to encourage the developers committed to adding and improving the Skills available in the Alexa Skill Store. Great support would be AWS promotional credits, which would reduce the cost of AWS resources used by the developers while building Alexa Skills.

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With everyone, be it an individual or a business, looking to create an Alexa Skill, new opportunities are arising. Every developer or developing platform is trying to simplify every step of the Skill Building process.

The number of people aiming to create an Alexa Skill is increasing. Not only to become a professional Alexa Skill developer but also for personal use. Be it as a hobby or for their businesses.

While for individual users the process of Skill building is simple, for the business ones is more complicated.

This is where a third party Developing Platform comes in to help.

With a simple interface, you can implement all the parts needed to complete the Skill and make it ready for publishing.

Not only that but also modify the content of the Skill if needed and also, test it, publish it and check how your Skill performs when made available in the Alexa Skill Store.

All of this is available and free to access on Ipervox.

Picture showing three main steps on how to build an Alexa Skill with Ipervox

In case you’re a complete beginner and need more information about what are Alexa Skills and how to create one, you can start by using the Ipervox platform.

Viewing the tutorials made available from our team or checking our FAQ site will make everything understandable.

This development platform has a simple and user-friendly interface, which allows every user to effortlessly build the Skill they want and how they want it to be.

With a well guided interface and a structure oriented in detailed Skill Building, Ipervox allows you to manage and easily control every step.

It helps reach the desired product at the end, giving shape to the initial idea that inspired you to create the Alexa Skill.

Above we mentioned Alexa as a tool for businesses. Ipervox has created several tools and guides to assist every business and entrepreneur in building their own Alexa Skill.

This will help you reach your audience and customers with the most straightforward tool there is: the Voice.

Voice technologies are emerging as the best and promising tool of the future. Not only to reach but also to engage with all of your clients.

Embracing it now means you will have a safe spot in the future. A future where Voice Apps become a common thing for businesses to use.

Create your Alexa Skill using the Ipervox online platform with the set of instruments made available from us. It will help you improve the interaction with your audience, gain their attention and their hearts.

If you want to create your Alexa Skill right now, all you need to do is click “Start for Free”, and you can start building a new channel. A channel that will connect you with your new audience.

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