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Creating a .Net 5 Web app from my PHONE

Interoperability is something I care a lot about, because not having it, is the equivalent of painting yourself into a corner, becoming dependent upon obsolete components, and sometimes even obsolete hardware. Once you dive as deep into the ideas of interoperability as I have done, you get interesting results – Such as the ability to create a .Net 5 Web API from a 5 year old phone. In the video below I am illustrating this process, and showing you how you can reproduce it for yourself, using nothing but pure Magic!

Of course, the whole point about the above video, is that Magic does all the coding for me, allowing me to simply declare which database and tables I want it to wrap, through a simple to understand Web API – Which results in that my backend is “generating” HTTP backend endpoints for me, wrapping all CRUD operations from my database, inside of their own unique URL, associated with the relevant HTTP verb.

Although the above is obviously a gimmick, and probably not something I’d choose when creating a “real” production type of Web API – It still shows an important point in regards to interoperability, implying the way we allow for our software to become “agnostic” in regards to how our users choose to access it. For instance, 5 years from now, we’ll probably have toasters with web browsers. When this time come, why shouldn’t I be able to use my toaster’s browser as my primary IDE? Well, if you build your software as generic as possible, with interoperability in mind from the first line of code, then using your toaster to create components for it, becomes as natural as tying your shoes.

To reproduce what I’m doing in the above video, you’ll first have to install Magic on some sort of server/cloud/whatever. To see how I did it, using Docker, please watch the following video that shows you how to host the Magic Docker images for only $5 per month.

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