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Better Manage Your Photo Library With Canon’s Photo Culling App

A new app, Canon Photo Culling, uses artificial intelligence to help determine only the best images to keep.

The app uses four different areas of a photo to determine if it is worth saving – sharpness, noise, emotions, and closed eyes. It will also determine duplicate images.

Users can select from two culling options. Whole culling determines the best photos using the four areas. If an image is over the threshold the user selects, the photos would be called the best. Other photos would be suggested to delete.

Similar culling works on a group of like images to find the best option.

Canon Photo Culling is designed for the iPhone and can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. A subscription is required to use the app.

There are two different options, a $2.99 monthly subscription or $14.99 yearly. There is a free, three-day trial on both choices.

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