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Top 6+ Best Magento 2 Company Account Extension | Free & Premium 2021

magento 2 company account

It is no doubt to realize that the B2B eCommerce market has grown dramatically in recent years. Especially, the digital commerce platform is a game-changer that has ushered in the era of B2B business. Indeed, operating a B2B eCommerce website is more complicated and more difficult than traditional B2C eCommerce. B2B customers often provide a larger order – higher revenue while the average buying cycle is usually much longer and requires more advanced technologies.

Magento 2 Company Account extension is the best solution to simplify the corporate shopping process while your Magento online store can improve its operational efficiency and take on challenges easily with B2B customers. In this article, we have compiled the Magento 2 Company Account top list to sustain your business growth.

Is Magento 2 Company Account Extension good for B2B?

Magento 2 Company Account extension augments customers to create numerous sub-accounts with flexible roles and permission-based on the user’s level in the organization. All sub-accounts from a company will belong to a specific customer group, where the store owner can adjust customized offers/ promotions to get more orders.

magento 2 company account feature

Furthermore, there are even more benefits that your online store can gain from this module:

Reducing selecting and ordering time but increasing efficiency and accuracy of the ordering process. With a detailed structured order system, it can be quite smooth to swiftly reach an agreement on what should be ordered among users of different levels.

  • Last-long customer royalty:

A comprehensive solution to enhance its customers’ loyalty. Stand out from competitors with a flexible product ordering process. Engage shoppers, keep the old customers coming back to your store, and drive even more sales.

Magento 2 Company Account extension feature list

Create unlimited company accounts/ sub-account

  • Equip Magento online store with company accounts functionality

Create a new company account with ease with a customized popup button. Landofcoder Magento 2 Company Account supports customers to create and manage accounts of the company and add unlimited sub-users to that account. The company account can be created from the frontend by the customer or backend also. Then admin can manage all sub-member accounts and arrange levels of roles and permissions from the backend.

  • Create company account success page

See the summary of company account information. A well-design success page to show your appreciation for customers and encourage them to stay up with your store. Please more B2B customers and drive greater loyalty over time.

create magento 2 company account

Send email notifications automatically

Magento 2 company account supports sending email notifications automatically to notify when a merchant approves the request. The email will go with instructions to set an account password. Follow them to be able to sign in to the new company account. Moreover, the module offers store admins to set up easy email notification on specific events:

  • A new company account requested
  • A new company account status updated
  • A new user accounts status updated
  • A new order placed successfully
email magento 2 company account

Manage Company users & Company structures

Log in as the company administrator to add an infinitive number of sub-users to the company account and set a hierarchy of access with varying levels of roles to each level of users.

manage magento 2 company account

A company administrator can control the list of company users on one page with detailed user information. Add new users/ Edit/ Delete etc user easy in an intuitive interface in the frontend.

user magento 2 company account
  • Manage company structures

The ability to build a custom company structure that reflects the structure of the business itself. More than a default simple company structure consists of a single-use account, now it is possible to broaden users within a hierarchy of divisions and subdivisions.

structure magento 2 company account

Find more powerful Magento 2 extensions for amazing SITE MANAGEMENT!

Top Magento 2 Company Account Extensions





Detail Infor


Magento 2 Company Account (PRO + EE)


Magento 2 Company Account transforms a default single-user account to the company accounts and supports customers to create and manage company accounts. Add unlimited sub-users to the company account from the frontend and arranges levels of roles & permissions.
Let’s the purchasing process extremely smooth & simple, boost up B2B purchase convenience.

  • Ability to set a company account with multiple users
  • Create new company accounts with necessary information
  • Send email notifications automatically
  • Company profile with all needed data on one page
  • Manage Company structure & Company users
  • Support to add new users to company account

B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2


Enable customers to create corporate accounts with multiple members of various roles and permissions.

  • Parent-child hierarchy for company accounts
  • Roles and permissions for child-accounts
  • Configurable Default Role of company members
  • Visibility of orders, quotes and reward points within the company
  • Shared company wallet, credit balance, requisition lists and more
  • Changeable status of child-customers

B2B Company Account


Simplify purchases for your customers by introducing B2B Company Accounts to Magento 2 store. Let companies register multiple user accounts, allow special permissions to enhance shopping and get more orders.

  • Create multiple company accounts as a store admin
  • Allow businesses to create and manage sub-accounts from the frontend
  • Transfer users between company accounts in the backend
  • Offer Store Credits as an offline payment method for selected companies
  • Apply personalized marketing and pricing based on company membership

Company Accounts for Magento 2


Mageplaza Company Accounts extension for Magento 2 – makes company purchasing process in your store extremely simple and straightforward. It enables customers to create company accounts, build a hierarchy within user roles and permissions as placing orders. Boost up B2B purchase convenience and grow more orders for your store.

  • Create company accounts
  • Multiple user account roles with permissions
  • Unlimited users
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Set limits for order amount per order
  • Set limits for the number of orders per user

Magento 2 Company Account


Build Pro Team to Streamline B2B Workload with Magento 2 Company Account: Create unlimited sub-users and grant them different roles and access levels. 

  • Create company account from backend and notify customers
  • Create and manage multiple users of the company account at ease
  • Define roles and permissions for specific users with clicks
  • Coming Soon – Order Approval Request permission and Reports
  • Work with B2B Package, Customer Attributes, B2B Registration
creative minds

Multi User Account Extension for Magento 2Banners


Turn a single Magento user account into one with multiple sub-user accounts and grant advanced permissions to each user.
Choose from five different permission levels to give users access according to their role in the business as well as the ability to send cart for approval before being able to complete a purchase.

  • Multi-User Account – A Magento customer account can have multiple sub-user accounts
  • Employee Accounts – Create separate logins for each employee
  • Unlimited Users – The account owner and store admin user can create an unlimited number of sub-accounts
  • Permission Levels – Grant different permission levels per user, depending on his/her role in the company
  • Security – Maintain store security by giving additional users limited access
  • B2B – Great solution for B2B companies who may want to restrict access for sub logins

Choose your best fit with Magento 2 Company Account Extension

We hope that this review can give you a big-picture of the available Magento 2 Company Account extension in the market. Now make your own decision – choose for yourself the best fit extension. We highly recommend the Magento 2 Company Account extension by LandOfCoder for the very useful and impressive features at a reasonable price.

To conclude, we would like to express our respect to all the vendors that have made this Top 6+ Magento 2 Company Account extension list! This is the most comprehensive list of best extensions on the internet and we are honored to have you as part of this!

If you want to add or remove an item in this list, feel free to submit your extension at Submit form.


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