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Practical NLP for language learning | by Mateoiaswork | Feb, 2021

Using machine language models to help students identify proper nouns: Names, named entities, and the Wheel of Fortune Corpus

English Departments haven’t kept up with modern technology. Photo by Amir Tavas on Unsplash

What is practical NLP?

And what is NER?

So, why do we need NER?

1. Case Study: Building Appointment Booking Chatbot

2. IBM Watson Assistant provides better intent classification than other commercial products according to published study

3. Testing Conversational AI

4. How intelligent and automated conversational systems are driving B2C revenue and growth.

What is the plural of Man in Black? Photo by Alex Robinson on Unsplash

Confusion with proper nouns

Easy, you say? Try it in Chinese.

The Wheel of Fortune Corpus

NER rescuing students lost in the smog? It’s a stretch. Photo by Nejc Soklič on Unsplash

Named entity recognition to the rescue

A word about models and model size

Code Break: Start with the imports

Basic code for identifying entities with NER

The Main function

Results from displacy.render

Credit: Source link

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