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Invoker–the no-bull Laravel tool | Laravel News

Invoker by Beyond Code lets you access all your Laravel applications with an instant admin panel—locally, via SSH and without any code changes.

It is a desktop application that connects to your Laravel applications and scans them to discover all Models, Mailables, Events, Jobs, and more. Invoker provides you with a super slick admin interface in a matter of seconds—without writing a single line of code.

Models at the core

The heart of Invoker is the Model inspection panel. It allows you to easily navigate between the Eloquent Models of your application and provides key-insights that aren’t available in any other data-management software, such as your models’ relations and accessors.

Searching for a specific model is a bliss—you don’t have to write complex SQL queries anymore, just use the powerful filtering tools that Invoker provides. If you still need more control over your result, simply switch to the Eloquent mode and write your own custom query.

Easy Mail and Notification previews

In addition to your Eloquent models, Invoker allows you to seamlessly preview and send any of your applications mailables and notifications.
Does your mail require additional parameters, such as models or other custom data? No problem—Invoker automatically detects them and creates input fields for all missing parameters on the fly.

If everything is ready to go, hit the “Preview” button to get an instant preview of your notification or mail. Once you’re happy, you can even send your mails and notifications, to see how they look like when they arrive.
Have you ever tried debugging your Slack notifications with Laravel? You’re welcome.

Tinkerwell included

Invoker has a powerful plugin architecture. You can add additional custom features to Invoker as well as download existing plugins from the integrated marketplace. This marketplace features first- and third-party plugins and is growing over time. The first available plugin for Invoker is Tinkerwell—the magical code editor. You can use the Tinkerwell plugin to evaluate PHP code right from within Invoker.

Get Invoker

You can get Invoker at the official website. Check it out to get more information on the additional features.

We are constantly improving Invoker and can’t wait to see which awesome Invoker plugins the Laravel community will come up with!

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