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Why You Really Need a Chatbot in Your Mobile App | by Visor.ai | Jan, 2021

1. How Chatbots and Email Marketing Integration Can Help Your Business

2. Why Chatbots could be the next big thing for SMEs

3. My Journey into Conversation Design

4. Practical NLP for language learning

Android and iOS

Mobile apps are available on two operating systems: Android and iOS. The first belongs to Google, and different brands of mobile devices use it. The second is only open to Apple devices, such as the iPhone.

As already mentioned, the chatbots came to help companies optimize their services and communications, both with their customers and internally.

These solutions integrate into your company’s website. As well as communication applications, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Chatbots are very effective options to increase your company’s service level since they’re in the most downloaded applications worldwide.

In the same way, it happens with mobile apps. So that customers don’t have to resort to search engines, offer them an app, which leads them directly to your product.

While chatbots need a channel to host themselves, apps are by themselves already channels, working independently.

Still, and although they work without additional systems, your company’s application would benefit greatly from integrating a chatbot.

1. Increase User Engagement

An app can be a great solution for customers who are more present on mobile devices.

However, it’s a one-way street. That is, the user goes to the app and looks for what he/she wants. If they have any questions, they have to resort to other channels to clarify them.

Still, this scenario would be much more satisfactory if an agent “followed” the paths that the customer takes. And, for example, suggest products or answers, even before the client has them.

The product recommendation coming from the chatbot is a strategy widely used in retail. But it can be easily taken to other sectors. Click here to know more.

2. Offers Immediate Customer Service

Linked to the previous point, by providing immediate service and support, chatbots allow the client not to leave the app. This is a crucial point because if the user leaves the application, he can be distracted by other issues.

Besides, if the chatbot doesn’t know how to answer the questions, it forwards the request to a human agent, who answers through Live Chat.

Live Chat is a Visor.ai tool that allows your team to intervene through the chatbot.

3. Power Promotional Campaigns or Alerts

An exciting role that chatbots can play is as messengers. In other words, in addition to collecting data from users, such as the products they’re looking for, they can send personalized campaigns to those same customers.

That is, with the Broadcasts tool, your company can send notifications and messages to your customers about specific events and advertisements.

When users go through specific paths on the chatbot, you can also set triggers in those paths. So, when the user goes through a product with a campaign associated, he/she receives it right away.

They’re a great way to make your products and services known without being inappropriate for your consumers. Learn more about these Visor.ai features in Broadcasts and Triggers: How to Sell with your Chatbot.

4. Increase the Number of Commercial Leads

Leads are business opportunities. They’re potential customers who have shown interest in a certain product or service.

Taking that interest into account, the chatbot can cultivate a relationship with the user and guide him to obtain the service or product.

5. Enables Direct Payment

Of course, a client can always go back on his decision and decide not to buy a product. However, if an instant payment method is available, it’s more difficult for them to go back on their decision.

A chatbot is an ideal option for this.

After choosing and subscribing to the product, the payment remains. That’s when, with some integrations in the system, the chatbot offers the option of direct payment. It’s not necessary to resort to other platforms because the bot presents everything.

The answer is simple: NO.

Chatbots won’t kill mobile apps, just like they didn’t end websites where they are integrated.

At most, they bring more traffic and engagement to those channels.

Use your company’s app as a contact channel, and you will see the level of satisfaction of your customers increase exponentially. Don’t waste more time and contact us now!

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