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Why chatbots are the new apps, and why they are not? | by Joanna Trojak | Mar, 2021

Joanna Trojak
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Three reasons why chatbots are the new apps, and two why they are not, at least not yet.

Although chatbots are not the new technology they are used since the 1960s ELIZA right now, they are having a comeback mainly because the NLP understanding is far better and the consumer’s habits changed.

Currently, 7.3 billion use a mobile phone. According to Robert Dale, the author of The return of the chatbots:

messaging apps are used by more than 2.1 billion people: forty-nine per cent of 18–29 year-olds, thirty-seven per cent of 30–49-year-old and twenty-four per cent of those over 50

But why using chatbots when mobile apps are good enough? Here are three reasons why:

The user’s habit is already formed, so, naturally, brands think that the best way to grab their attention is through the communication channel they are already using.

Enter chatbots.

We have already established why chatbots are new apps. Here are some reasons why they are not yet.

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Moreover, the users want to remember the past conversations they had with the bot and see the information it collects. This is hard because it is just the conversation and no buttons like in the traditional mobile apps.

  • The most popular type of apps is messaging apps. Brands figured out that if they slide into DMs, they will make their brands more noticeable and approachable.
  • Chatbots are boring.
  • The conversation interface is messy. The user is confronted with the sea of previous messages and no buttons or slick UI, making the app history clear.

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