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Why is Education Industry Opting for AI Chatbots? | by Megha Verma | Mar, 2021

In most cases, chatbots can be used to give basic lectures. The objective is that chatbots can serve as virtual advisors and that in the process they adapt to the abilities of the students. In other words, they adapt to their learning pace.

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Students are no more receptive to traditional learning. They are constantly finding interactive ways to communicate & acquire knowledge.

Chatbot has constantly been delivering interactive learning to the students.

However, newbie educators are a bit skeptical about chatbots favoring them. The reason being a lack of empathy, words of encouragement, and understanding, which are still missing in this technology.

For example, this:

  • Will the chatbot reply adequately when a learner asks a long question?
  • How many chats does a bot need to collect to deliver a good human response?

So, how do educators justify themselves amidst such competition? How do they satisfy the accelerating need of students for interactive learning if they are skeptical about this technology?

Let’s figure out in the article below:

The education industry is constantly evolving (especially after the COVID-19 aftermath). The conversational design with AI delivers an effective communication path for students. Chatbot designs are being reformed to fit modern learning demands.

Students prefer modern ways to learn and absorb information. Also, they want a personalized learning environment. Chatbots help students experience innovation in education. It helps the system detect whether students are adapting to learning material or not too.

In fact, learners can easily try their hands on innovative activities, which were barely available in schools.

AI-powered voice bots & chatbots keep learners engaged. It even reduces the administrative load while facilitating the teaching process.

In short, this artificially intelligent conversational tool is designed to boost student association & interaction.

Isn’t that interesting? It is. What’s more interesting is how this tool works for the education system.

Want to know how? Let’s see!

The education industry is definitely influenced by chatbots, here’s how:

1. Tutoring was Never So Easy

‘Intelligent Tutoring Systems’ is the best thing in the education industry today. It delivers the much-needed personalized learning experience today. Techniques, including analyzing responses and observing student’s progress leads to more personalized learning.

For example, educators use chatbots to break lecture sessions into chains of messages to simplify chat conversation.

Chatbots even assess the understanding level of students, also how well they progress. Teaching was never so easy, as it has become with technologies like chatbots.

2. Effective Student Engagement

Students prefer social media channels to communicate, research topics, and find apt solutions in their assignments. Hence, learning is not limited to classrooms.

Just imagine using a messaging platform (somewhat like social media) that connects students and teachers for:

  • Discussions
  • Assignment sharing
  • Messaging
  • Sharing information

Chatbot makes all this possible.

Students can save hours to find information about lectures and assignments and other important events. They can even create alumni groups and activity clubs for sharing information with each other.

3. Prompt Assistance to Learners

Students have information at their fingertips nowadays. Chatbots enable learners to receive all information almost instantly. It demands educational institutions to be on their toes all the time. Why? Because of the growing demand of learners for effective communication.

Chatbots in the education business simplifies communication between tutors and learners. It automates time-consuming tasks. It even lets educators promptly assist learners.

4. Simple Access to Information

Education bots simplify information sharing between the learners and teachers. It helps build a stronger presence online.

Learners can visit your website, ask any query (related to your institute), and get the answer instantly. That’s how chatbots allow learners to access information instantly.

Access to the right information is important in the education business. Students must get appropriate knowledge and material for proper learning. Chatbots help them reach the right audience, the right information, at the right time. That’s even faster than people reaching out to administrators for the solutions.

Chatbots save time, automates repetitive tasks, and offer answers to queries almost instantly.

The chatbots in the education business were overshadowed in the beginning. However, administrators and tutors understand its value now. Chatbot engages students and streamlines processes more efficiently.

An intelligent tutoring system offers a dedicated learning environment to study. Students feel motivated in such an environment, dedicate more hours to study, and interact with like-minded people.

AI chatbots teach learners via a series of messages and consistent conversations made out of learning lecture material.

Chatbots analyze every piece of information, assess a student’s understanding level, and deliver lectures considering their personalized needs.

Custom solutions can come in form of:

  • Audio content
  • Interactive videos
  • Document files
  • Attractive Images
  • Quizzes
  • Test Assignments
  • Text Messaging
  • Video conferencing, and more

Educators can analyze, monitor, and compare the student’s performance anytime and anywhere to deliver highly customized learning solutions to students.

Now, let’s suppose you designed an online learning course for a certain group of people. Learners, here are those who manage their home and work. So, in a quick attempt to pass the course, they just try to complete the course somehow, receive the credits hours, and pass it.

Spaced learning breaks lengthy courses into small modules. It helps learners remember what’s taught in the course.

Using spaced interval learning, learners memorize courses for a longer time. Hence, enhanced learning experience for learners.

The online education system comes with its own pros and cons. For some students, it is an interactive and engaging way of learning. But others don’t even hesitate to earn points dishonestly too. That happens especially during distance learning.

AI online proctoring space controls such frauds during the exams. Students can no longer attempt any fraud when giving exams. They have to earn points the right way. Thanks to Chatbots proctoring.

Chatbots help tutors automate tests and answer-checking. It instantly converts results into points. Also, teachers no longer need to worry about plagiarism and grammar. The chatbot does that as well. It fixes grammatical errors, typos, images reuse, and lack of adequate referencing.

AI Chatbots in cooperation with the education business gives us a more customized, easy, and interactive learning experience.

Today, chatbots are available for different groups:

  • Chatbot for Tutors
  • Chatbot for Students
  • Chatbots for Schools
  • Chatbot for Higher education

Modern chatbots are designed to conduct highly complicated chores. However, all that needs is good coding. Bots are built to answer specific answers. Hence, it depends on users’ search what outcomes they will acquire.

When choosing bots for your institution, pick one that connects to several communication channels at once. For instance, it must allow login from social media channels (because students are mostly there).

Chatbots are the future of the education industry. Let’s make the most of it now to reap benefits in the future.

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