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Enhance your Crisis Communication Chatbot with the Covid-19 API & News Sources | by Fawaz Siddiqi | Feb, 2021

Recently on the 22nd of February Worood Dabbas, Tosin Amuda and I (Fawaz Siddiqi) conducted a webinar on creating a chatbot based on crisis communication. The main idea of the use case was to keep the public and users informed about the latest COVID-19 development and cases, and this was achieved by linking Watson Assistant with Watson Discovery & the COVID-19 API with the help of IBM Cloud Functions which is a serverless platform.

Worood kicked off the session by explaining the use case and how it can help the community with the latest up to date information, she explained the types of chatbots which are used in the industry as well as the chatbot road map on how to make an efficient chatbot which serves the purpose of it being built in the first place, for in our case was to create a crisis communication chatbot. She also explained the flows within Watson Assistant and how they work when a user is using the chatbot.

Up next was Tosin, he discussed on how Watson Discovery can be integrated within our solution and how it is used, he introduced the Watson Discovery News collection which comes out of the box with Watson Discovery, which is basically a collection with news articles and it being updated frequently with the latest news allowing us to query the collection and get the news. Moreover, he discussed how the ingestion pipeline works within Watson Discovery and how it serves as an AI powered insight engine, and also introduced the idea of serverless.

After which I took over to conduct the hands-on session where we built the chatbot, I guided the audience on how easy it is to create the chatbot service on IBM Cloud and create the relevant skills for the chatbot, after which I discussed about Watson Discovery on how can the create the service and query the Watson Discovery News Collection with the help of the Discovery API. Finally, I moved on to the initiating the IBM Cloud Functions service to connect Watson Discovery and Watson Assistant together, the serverless function was also pulling data from the COVID-19 API in JSON format, finally I showed them how they can enable webhooks in the assistant and enable the dialog nodes to receive the responses from the webhook which is an HTTP web service of our serverless fucntion.

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And after all of the instructions, this is how our final output would look like

It was one of the workshops which I really enjoyed, because there was a lot of engagement form the audience and they were very curious to learn a lot more about these services.

In case you missed out on the webinar, don’t worry I have all the resources for you right here which you can refer to at any time

Recording of the session: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/covid-19-news-chatbot

Link to tutorial: https://ibm.biz/EnhanceComm-Tutorial

Link to slides: https://ibm.biz/EnhanceComm-Slides

Sign up/Log in to your IBM Cloud Account: https://ibm.biz/EnhanceComm

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