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Chatbot For Remote Focus Group Management | by Vibhu Dhariwal | Mar, 2021

Conversational marketing is a process of enchanting online visitors and transforming the leads through conversation-determined proceedings. It aims to form the client’s best relationship by developing trust through the discussions and creating the shopping experience at ease more dynamically and engagingly than any other methods. Chatbots are the most reliable and popular tool used for the same.

Chatbot marketing is a quick way to shift purchasers via healthier, humanoid, and engaging conversations. It also helps in seamless lead generation; means a conversational bot will be 24/7 available and help visitors in better rapport building, which gives a personalized experience to all customers.

The traditional ways of marketing days are gone. Today is the era of conversational marketing, which helps in engagement through text and graphical conversational messages just like humans interactions. The truth is many people like to interact in such a way as this is more comfortable, fast and allows healthy conversations between customers and business.

Around 90% of consumers prefer to use conversational marketing tactics as a business model, and they prefer email form says Twilio.

The truth is that buyers and customers do not have sufficient time for the traditional marketing channel in this fast-paced world, and just 45% of persons respond appropriately to cold calls. Also, on average, the email access rate lowered to 20%, and lastly, it is found that in the landing pages, the conversation rate is around 2.35% in traditional channels of marketing.

Thus, B2B getting methods have occurred as impersonal and cold, and dreadful to the buyer.

A focus group is a gathering where around 5% of efficient consumers get mingled with a negotiator for answering the queries on the brand, enterprise name, product, etc., for proper market research.

Here the stakeholder provides their suggestions, opinions, and criticisms to the questions raised, also the negotiator will record it. The right key for the progress will be to figure out the correct stakeholders, and you need to focus on the best-targeted market of your enterprise, such as women in the age group of 25–35 years.

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The focus groups are very forceful since it allows you to access your focused market mindset compared with the other types of market research — the participant’s start expressing evident and deep thoughts during the discussion. Including chatbot can help make the group interactions more productive and resulting.

Now let’s see the benefits of conducting a focus group with a chatbot below:

Figuring out a dedicated remote focus group is a great benefit for your marketing crew. One of the most common ways to organize remote focus groups is through videos.

It helps immensely in effective video marketing and runs smoothly, safely, and securely. The fantastic remote focus group follows a specific flow and lifecycle to ensure the feedback you get suits the research objectives.

You can fascinate the professional audience with indigenous videos at all stages of a purchase voyage through video advertising. Thus, building brand awareness with professionals can be made easier, acquiring well-qualified leads and obtaining customers. Therefore, using a remote focus group for video marketing can also be a good plan.

A chatbot can help share the videos with all participants and collect the analytics like who watched it and who didn’t. Participants can also ask chatbot basic questions like location, purpose, goal, other participant details, etc. A chatbot can also be used to take attendance, raise query tickets, etc.

Having a chatbot in the loop can help remote focus group meetings go smooth and even help understand the participant behavior if it has AI integrated.

You can also train chatbot to take feedback or reviews of each participant post group conference.

Usually, the focus group occurs in a meeting room or a large conference hall. But in these modern days, they appear virtual. Working remotely has enormous benefits to both individuals and organizations. Let us see how effectively focus groups can run.

1. Synchronous Multi-person Video Conferences

It is a widespread way to run the remote focus group effectively. Here all the participants have the conversation for the same duration. The best example for this conference type is live video or phone conference and computer-assisted conference.

2. Asynchronous Interview Formats

This communication mode permits the interviewer to ask the pre-recorded questions through video format. Thus, it’s evident that the focus group does not have the feasibility of conducting a live meeting.

3. Survey Panel Respondent Groups

This process involves encouraging market research solutions online to hand over to the panelist. These are the best ones for brand impression, content creation, concept testing, and product development.

Thus, in this digital age period, the focus groups are valuable to the marketers, since it increases vast insights into the consumer’s interests, attitudes, perceptions, and motivations. Also, it permits a good study on why customers act in such the way they do.

The voice of the consumer is at the heart of every business decision. Thus, these remote focus groups for video marketing are highly efficient. Conversational marketing with the remote focus group helps in a genuine conversation, thereby rendering tremendous value besides several marketing funnels.

“The conversational marketing main vision is not to replace human marketers but to remain the best alternative to human efforts.”

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