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A new missing() callback for resource routes and a StringEncrypter interface are now in Laravel 8.33

The Laravel team released 8.33 with the ability to define a missing() callback for resource routes, a StringEncrypter interface, and the latest changes in the 8.x branch:

“Missing” Option For Resource Routes

@LuttaMustache contributed a missing() method to register a callback on resource routes that result in a 404:

Route::resource('users', UsersController::class)
    ->missing(function () {
        return response('missing', 404);

StringEncrypter Interface

Marco Aurélio Deleu contributed a StringEncrypter interface for encrypting/decrypting strings without serialization. While most people won’t need to worry about this, here’s what the interface looks like in case you need a custom implementation:

namespace IlluminateContractsEncryption;

interface StringEncrypter
    public function encryptString($value);
    public function decryptString($value);

See pull request #36578 and #36566 for more details.

Require a Correct Password to Rehash It

Matthew Boynes contributed a fix where logging out of other devices doesn’t check the password. It rehashes, inadvertently changing the user’s password. With this fix, the session guard will now check the password and throw an exception in a mismatch case. Check out Pull Request #36608 for more details if you’re curious.

Nullable Columns with AsArrayObject and AsCollection

Tom Irons contributed the ability to have null database columns using the AsArrayObject and AsCollection casts. Previously, a nullable database column used with one of these casts would cause an undefined error when accessing an attribute.

Taylor mentioned these new casts in his talk at Laracon Online 2021 and demoed how useful they can be in addition to the previous casts for working with JSON data. We also covered AsArrayObject and AsCollection Custom Casts when they were introduced in Laravel 8.28 if you want to learn more.

Release Notes

You can see the full list of new features and updates below and the diff between 8.32.0 and 8.33.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added broken pipe exception as lost connection error (#36601)
  • Added missing option to resource (#36562)
  • Introduce StringEncrypter interface (#36578)


  • Fixed returns with Mail & Notification components (#36559)
  • Stack driver fix: respect the defined processors in LogManager (#36591)
  • Require the correct password to rehash it when logging out other devices (#36608, 1e61612)


  • Allow nullable columns for AsArrayObject/AsCollection casts (#36526)
  • Accept callable class for reportable and renderable in exception handler (#36551)
  • Container – detect circular dependencies (dd7274d, a712f72, 6f9bb4c)
  • Initialize CronExpression class using new keyword (#36600)
  • Use different config key for overriding temporary url host in AwsTemporaryUrl method (#36612)

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