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All You Need To Know When Learning AngularJs

This blog covers the possible aspects that one might count on in an attempt to learn AngularJS. For a beginner, you can know what this framework is all about, why one should learn, how to improve for existing software developers, and the top mistakes that can be avoided. It is going to get interesting as Angular poses many advantages for a web developer. Let’s get started.

About Angular

Angular is a rising-to-fame, one of the most popular and most widely used frameworks among the JavaScript family. It is used to build web, desktop, and mobile applications with ease.

It involves less code writing, and it is greatly time-saving. It also uses Typescript, a superscript of JavaScript, in which you write the code.

It also uses HTML as the master language along with CSS, which is very useful for development. Typescript compiles with JavaScript and renders on the website.

According to Libscore, a statistical web-based tool, Angular’s first version, AngularJS, finds its usage in over 9000 websites. It includes some of the most significant companies, like Intel, NBC, ABC news, and many more.

Angular Versions

Angular 1 or Angular JS – the very first version launched in 2010

Angular 2 or Angular v2 – this version launched in 2014 is entirely new code and is entirely different from the previous version

Angular 3 – not released

Angular 4 – updated similar to version 2 and launched in 2017 with backward compatibility

Angular 5 – launched in later 2017. It removed the unwanted codes thus can create applications faster

Angular 6 – launched in 2018, ng updates, library support, RxJS v6, and many more

Angular 7 – released in later 2018. It had app performance updates, virtual scrolling, typescript dependency updates, and many more

Angular 8 – launched in 2019 with faster code generation and debugging at run time among other improvisations

Angular 9 – -launched in 2020. It uses the Ivy compiler and run-time by default.

It works with TypeScript 3.6 and 3.7.

Google has obliged to give Twice-a-year updates. Further version releases are expected to have backward compatibility with the previous version.

Why should a web developer learn AngularJS?

The best support for Single Page Applications- No one is in favor of waiting too long for a web page to load. Single-page Applications (SPA) can communicate with the backend servers without the need to refresh the entire web page.

The rendering happens at the client-side, and hence the traffic is considerably reduced. They are more responsive and can offer a seamless user experience and can match the performance of the native app experience on the web.

Two-way data binding – It enables automatic updates to the data store and retrievals from the data store. UI automatically gets updated at times when the datastore gets updates.

You can implement it using the ngModel directive.

Handle dependencies effectively – Angular makes unit testing much quicker and more comfortable due to the built-in dependency system. AngularJS developers find it easy with Angular 1 as they can add dependencies, and it is instant.

With libraries like RequireJs, dynamic loading of JavaScript is possible.

Modularity – Angular allows parallel development and makes it easier to handle. The app code can be as reusable modules.

Each module has its own set of components, pipes, directives, and services clubbed together. These modules are grouped with any other module for building the application.

This is best suitable for enterprise applications that are usually large, and it requires different teams to work simultaneously. It eliminates the wait time for one person to finish, and then the other person to start.

Also, it enables software developers to test the code individually by dividing the code into logical modules whose initialization is separate but have dependencies.

Reduced lines of code – To write a short but valid code is what all developers would like to do. Angular’s MVC structure enables them to split their code to fit this structure, thereby eliminating code for the MVC pipeline.

Cross-platform performance – Angular 5 helps to build progressive and high-performing web applications. These applications can work offline, as well.

You can build native mobile apps and desktop applications for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

Declarative UI – It comes in handy while maintaining large systems like significant software or mid-sized projects. There are certain risks like losing binding when there are changes in the element to which a Jquery is linked.

Code breaks can happen while switching to a third-party component. It is where a declarative UI plays a vital role by declaring the binding at its source.

AngularJS development companies are on the rise. Considering the vast market demand for AngularJS developers and the opportunities available, it is best to learn Angular.

Top common mistakes to be avoided:

Be it a novice developer or an expert, we all are bound to make mistakes. It can be debugged, of course. Optimizing application takes place in every step of development, as that is the end goal.

Improving the code by reviewing is essential. Here are some of the common errors that can happen.

Changes in terminology– With the introduction of the new version, there seems to be inevitable confusion in terminologies. The first Angular version 1 is called Angular JS, and the second version is Angular v2 or Angular 2+.

Versions 4 and 5 are called Angular. Then, with the third-party libraries, the prefix used is ng-.

With Angular v2, it became ng2-. And with further versions, it has become ngx-.

OnChanges and DoCheck – Angular JS has the watch and scope feature, which has been dropped by Angular for component inputs as properties. When the input property’s deep field is changing, the OnChanges event gives reference to the object.

The best way to solve this is the ngDoCheck. This error consumes more time to run.

Unsubscription – Unsubscribing, an event in JavaScript, is necessary to release memory and to prevent memory leakage. The best way is to go for the OnDestroy lifecycle hook when subscribing to a component.

You can use Rxjs’s method for cases that have an automatic subscription.

Multi-declaration of a component – For viewing a component, you need to declare the component. To specify in NgModule, you should list it on @NgModule.declarations.

There is no possibility to list the component more than once in NgModule-s because it may throw an error.

Being a developer is like the job of a sniper; you need a sharp focus on writing code and good memory on why you created the code in the first place. Refining code and having a keen eye for errors are essential.

Improving skills is a constant when it comes to developing and let not your mistakes pull you back.

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