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[Ending] Exclusive VIP Promo for Conversational AI Conference | by Stefan Kojouharov | Mar, 2021

SAVE $170 and Get Tickets for only $49!

Stefan Kojouharov
Chatbot Conference Online 2021

Hi, hope you are healthy and well.

As a way to thank you for being a subscriber and a way to inspire our community to create more Conversational AI Systems we are offering you a Discounted Pass to the Chatbot Conference for only $49!

The Chatbot Conference Online will be held on May 25th-27th and features speakers from Google, Salesforce, IBM Watson, CoCoHub, Rasa, etc. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover how enterprises are using Conversational AI and to network with top industry experts.

Here is what you can expect:

  1. May 25th| Discovery Day is the core of our conference. Here you will get a top down understanding the Conversational AI Industry from the top industry experts and do deep dives in the most important areas like NLP, design, use cases, key KPIs, explore ROI, product and team management. We end that day with our Zero to Launch Panel and Virtual Happy Hour and Networking.
  2. May 26th | Design Day is a full day Certified Workshop on Conversational UX. In this workshop you will design a Conversational Ai Agent that helps your users accomplish their goals. You will learn about onboarding, creating a happy flow, managing failure and much more. This workshop is taught by the Conversation Design Institute.
  3. May 27th: Development Day is a full day Certified Workshop during which you will develop the Conversational Agent you designed. In this workshop you will learn how to implement NLP, Intent/Entities, Slot Filling, Context, etc. Our focus is to help you build a functional MVP that will answer ~10 FAQs.

Typically, we charge up to $899 for our Conference and Workshops.

You can now attend the Chatbot Conference on May 25th for only $49 and SAVE up to $400 on Workshop Tickets.

Hope to see you there!



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