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Voice Powered Automation At Your Workplace

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Voice interaction started before we started to communicate in the form of writing.

Humans started existing and much longer than the voice was and is still the prime mode of communication.

Voice interaction is the easiest, natural, and spontaneous way for everyone to convey our instructions rather than typing.

“An avg person can type 40 words/minute, but at the same time, he can speak approximately 125 words.”

A few decades back, the interaction between machines and humans (Voice Assistants like Amazon Echo, Siri, Google Assistant, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa) was a fiction thing that we watched and dreamt of.

But today, reality is more realistic and fantastic than fiction.

It is all because of advancements in voice recognition technology, and it is rising faster with each passing day.

Voice search technology is the next digital trend in the market, and in some cases, it has already started to replace touch screens.

Voice-controlled technology is gaining acceptance as it proffers various benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Multi-tasking

And even individuals also wired to respond more efficiently to voice-powered automation.

At present, people are responding to voice technologies as they react to rational human beings or individuals.

According to Google research, 41% of individuals who have a voice-activated speaker say it feels like talking to a friend or another individual.

Voice technology has grown significantly in the last two to three years with the use of the latest technologies like voice recognition AI, natural language understanding, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and Conversational AI.

With the exciting advancements in this space, more individuals are using voice at Smart Homes, on their wristwatches via smartphone.

As the ecosystem around voice-enabled technology grown-up, consumers started to depend more on voice.

Nothing is preventing this technology from reaching virtually to individuals.

The usage of voice recognition artificial intelligence technology has its place at the wheel of business.

The tech helps in assisting the workers who need to manage productivity, customer service, and customers’ digital experience.

The usage of voice recognition AI software is growing. Very soon, voice-powered automation will be part of our daily workplace by offering a high shore up and resources, which were formerly unavailable.

In this short blog, we let you know how voice-powered automation will be used in the workplace.

Without wasting any time, let’s move on to our core point.

You can observe how businesses are using AI-based voice recognition technology for streamlining basic office processes such as setting up meetings, reminders, and making calls to the clients.

The recent developments in the voice tech industry have shown evidence of developing virtual assistants for industry-specific applications.

Reduced cost in healthcare

A healthcare enterprise will develop a massive amount of data every day.

It’s a tough task for the staff to retrieve required information from those hundreds or thousands of records by using different search commands.

It will automatically affect the productivity, efficiency, and cost of the hospital workplace.

With the help of automated voice technology, healthcare enterprises can increase workplace productivity and save much-needed costs.

The voice automated technology has also maximized the security of the e-records.

Automating meetings

In the corporate world, the biggest hassle faced by national and global enterprises is starting a meeting in shared meeting spaces.

This biggest hassle in the workplace can be removed by integrating voice-powered automation tools like voice assistants in the enterprise.

These voice assistants can easily schedule and efficiently use Meeting Rooms by which they free up employees to focus on essential tasks rather than concentrating on impromptu meetings.

The voice assistants can easily manage everything from scratch from conference call setups to meeting room availability, booking, and streamlining the entire process for every employee.

Order management

With the advancements in technology, many industries have moved their order placement online.

We all know it is a broad category, and it includes booking an order, finding status, return, and delivery reminders.

All these time-consuming tasks can easily be handled by integrating Conversational AI voice automation into the inventory management system.

Voice automation can easily manage multi-turn conversations and uses AI for advanced speech recognition to incarcerate inimitable product names & Complex alphanumeric order numbers.

Most of the enterprises are using voice automation for reordering calls (Inbound & Outbound).

Boosting productivity

Enterprises are striving hard to increase workplace productivity, and they are giving a try for every technology that can help increase workplace productivity.

As discussed in the previous blogs, many employees’ time is eaten out by tedious, monotonous, and repetitive tasks.

With the help of Conversational voice-powered automation, enterprises can enhance workplace productivity by automating day-to-day tasks, thus helping employees focus on high-priority projects.

Faster & smarter IT operations

Till now, IT enterprises are using advanced technologies like Conversational AI and NLP to power virtual neural network assistants.

The advancements help the employees solve a query without shifting manually to a series of data in various locations.

By adding voice automation to the existing technology is the next big thing, which will make IT operations faster and smarter to provide the best possible user experience for the employee at the workplace.

Enhance internal workplace education

The voice automation technology previously used between customer and company relations, and now enterprises are using the same technique in the workplace to connect employees to internal resources.

It will help the developers or employees access private information and knowing information about workplace policies.

With the help of this voice automation technology, the companies can easily access & analyze employees’ behaviors in the workplace based on the fact they can also train them.

Voice technologies will change how customers are served & how the business operates.

The enterprises needed to be attentive and make them ready for voice automation technology by taking into consideration how customers are using voice automation and digital assistants.

In the workplace, voice automation will give enterprises the power to collaborate, communicate, and create things like never before with the help of cloud-based technologies.

Below stats will give you a clear view of the voice technology future.

Voice Powered Automation

Voice-powered automation has a long way to go as we are in the initial period.

I think it is the right time & opportunity for enterprises to think about voice technology.

Enterprises need to embrace the changes that are happening in voice technology to avail themselves of its most enormous benefits today and in the coming future.

The bottom line is, if you would like to win the battle with your competitors, you need to integrate voice automation into your business or workplace.

Are you planning to integrate voice automation into your enterprise and looking out for the right partner?

Reach out to us.

We are going to help your enterprise in transforming voice journeys.

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