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Facebook Announces Major Changes to Its App

In a blog post, the company says you’ll be able control who comments on any of your public posts. Some of the options include everyone, friends, or just the profiles and pages you’ve mentioned.

There is also changed coming to your News Feed. Facebook recently rolled out a new Favorites feature where you can control and prioritize posts from specific friends and Pages. You can access that feature in the Feed Filter Bar menu at the top of the News Feed.

And in the coming weeks, Facebook will also allow you to view the News Feed in chronological order instead of the algorithmically-created default.

You’ll also notice more context around Facebook suggested posts in your News Feed. Just select Why am I seeing This?

Here’s Facebook’s explanation of what you’ll see:

Several factors influence your suggested posts in News Feed such as:
Related engagement: A post may be suggested for you if other people who interacted with the post also previously interacted with the same group, Page or post as you. 

Related topics: If you’ve recently engaged with a certain topic on Facebook, we may suggest other posts that are related to that topic. For example, if you recently liked or commented on a post from a basketball Page, we could suggest other posts about basketball.

Location: You may see a suggested post based on where you are and what people near you are interacting with on Facebook.

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