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How Alexa Education Skills can Help You Learn New Things | by Ipervox | Feb, 2021

Nowadays there are more than 120 000 Alexa Skills available for everyone. Considering this, it’s a bit difficult not to find one that can help you learn new things. Even if your interest to learn goes for less popular topics. Probably there are Alexa learning Skills that can help you gain new information.

Amazon Alexa is attracting more and more attention lately. This has made it a launching point for many industries. Be it for pure entertainment or for more technical ones, everyone is rushing to have their Skill published.

All of this with the intention of making their presence in the voice world, a new market opens for everyone.

Using a smart speaker, like Amazon Echo, to learn new things might seem kind of strange. However, every Skill has been built with the intention of offering a plausible experience for every user.

  • Voice Applications are similar to applications you use on your smartphone. They can offer an experience similar to visiting a website online to receive a certain information, or to interact with others.

These Voice applications, called so for the simple fact that you control them using only your voice, when referring to Amazon Alexa are called Skills.

If you want to find a new Skill, all you need to do is go to the Alexa Skill Store. There you can do a simple search with certain keywords or search by category.

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There are already plenty of different Skills to learn from. You can find Skills to help you Meditate, teach you historical facts and events, learn soft skills, and how to make something with step-by-step instructions.

  • For example, a great way to learn how to do something is the wikiHow Skill. It has over 180 000 articles accessible from everyone. From soft skills to practical and technical ones, it can be really helpful.
  • If you need a guide on how to meditate you can try Real Simple Relax or a Guided Meditation from Headspace and take you first steps towards meditation.
  • In case you want to learn new facts by testing yourself, you can try Question of the Day and start everyday with a challenge.

When it comes to kids and teens, there are thousands of Skills available. They help kids to be entertained or help them with their homework. With it, they can learn new facts, play games, storytelling, learn new languages.

They are a great way to have your kids learn new skills, listen to different stories and audiobooks for their age. Also, they can learn new words, and develop their practical skills (math, physics, etc.)

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