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Testing SMS Chatbots with Botium Box | by Attila Ujj | Mar, 2021

Botium Box offers two methods to test an SMS Chatbot. It can act as a user sending SMS messages, or can interact with the API behind the chatbot. Sending SMS messages looks like an optimal choice because it covers all the stack, but it has a major drawback, the increased costs.

For smaller systems sending SMS messages is usually a good decision. It is the all-purpose solution, and it is easier to setup.

More complex chatbots can have more sophisticated configuration, API-testing all conversation branches, and SMS based testing for checking performance and availability of the full stack for example.

Tip: If your API delivers NLP information like recognized intent and entity, then in case of API testing you can even use NLP Analytics in Botium Box (depending on license).

You’ll need a Twilio account, register a telephone number in Twilio, configure Botium Box for Botium-to-Twilio messages, and Twilio for Twilio-to-Botium messages.

You can use trial account for Twilio, but there are limitations, and the budget is limited. We use an upgraded account here.

Please keep in mind that SMS communication has no session. If you have for example development, and production tests, then it is a good practice to register telephone numbers and configure connection in Botium Box for each. Otherwise you can get some random test fails if they are running in parallel.

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Twilio account

Register a telephone number

Check SMS capability (optional).

Notice the telephone number, and the credentials (settings, general)

Configure Twilio in Botium Box

Under the Chatbots list click on the Register new chatbot button.

Fill the form with the values from the Twilio Dashboard. (Sending SMS to field is the telephone number of your SMS chatbot.)

Once the form is complete, Botium Box will be able to receive messages. But we can’t test the connection yet. We have to configure Twilio to send messages to Botium Box.

After you choose an API key, you can see the endpoint for receiving messages on the registration form. Copy the endpoint url.

Configure the Twilio webhook

Test the connection and save it in Botium Box

Everything fine, we can save the form.

If is not working, then check the error message displayed on the connectivity test, or check Twilio logs on the phone number.

Disable parallel execution in Botium Box

We have to set the Parallel Jobs Count to 1 (or choose a dedicated Agent) in project settings to disable parallel execution.

Use Botium Box

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