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Compete Gives You the Chance to Win up to $5,000 for Competing in Fun, Positive Challenges

That’s how social media works. You get to use it for free, but all the while you’re making piles of cash for giant companies and their shareholders, and often getting nothing but negativity and misery in return.

Compete takes a lovely, fluffy sledgehammer to this business model. Not only is it an impeccably positive, moderated environment, but gives you a golden opportunity to make money from the content you create.

It works like this: when you boot up the app you’ll see videos organized into a variety of different categories, such as Dance, Beauty, Music, and STEM, along with a feed of live and expired challenges.

Each of these video challenges is set by an influencer, and they invite you to try your hand at everything from completing a verse of song lyrics to showing off your favorite exotic pet.

Creating a 15-second video is a piece of cake thanks to the app’s comprehensive and intuitive editing software, and Compete’s massive song library can really help your videos pop.

Once you’ve made and uploaded a video you and others can share it to TikTok, Instagram and so on, as well as voting on it in a number of categories: first and second place in the Popular Vote, Rising Star, and Creative.

Plus, you can win prizes for judging too, with the Best Judge in each video earning a reward for their troubles.

And these rewards come in the form of real cash prizes of up to $5,000, with smaller prizes for the runners-up and judges.

But that’s not even our favorite part. The best thing about Compete is the fact that it’s a uniquely positive social media platform. The whole experience is about encouragement and inclusion.

Whereas most social media platforms can be guilty of promoting unhealthy values around lifestyle, body image, behavior, and so on, Compete is designed to be a positive experience for everybody.

And you might just win some cash.

Download Compete for free right now on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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