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Reinventing ITSM delivery through Conversational Automation

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Conversational Automation

In the world, most of the countries & cities are rapidly moving towards urbanization because of the latest technological advancements. Urbanization made the life of every individual very busy & intricate.

To make lifestyle quite seamless, most of the individuals are attracting and moving towards instant things like instant food/messaging.

As our personal lives are automating, don’t be surprised if employees expect the same thing in the work environment (IT service management solutions).

Users are expecting enterprise services to be delivered instantly, in a channel or device of their preference, with a high grade of customization, and without walking/talking to the contact center.

According to Gartner, an individual will have more conversations with virtual agents or AI Chatbots than his family by 2020.

Employees are expecting continuous improvement from enterprises. However, most organizations are still not able to deliver what the user requires because of the traditional methods used in the ITSM process.

With the latest digital advancements, human resource management has become more sophisticated. It is a high-value adding function for every organization.

So, it is time to automate your organization’s ITSM process with the help of conversational AI, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to boost productivity and customer engagement, decrease costs, and deliver an appealing customer experience for superior satisfaction.

Many tech companies are planning to reinvent ITSM delivery using conversational service automation, but they don’t know precisely how to do it.

If you are also sailing on a similar boat, stay with us!

In this piece of writing, we are going to brief you about ITSM delivery automation using conversational AI.

We at Nuacem, bring AI into the ITSM space by helping IT help desk digital agents that will allow IT organizations to automate request fulfillment, service delivery, and provide better service to users with the existing limited resources.

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ITSM (Information technology service management) defined as implementing, managing, and delivering quality IT services in the preeminent doable way users to meet the needs of the business.

The main motive of the ITSM is to deliver IT as a service. Many feel that ITSM is a primary IT support.

But, in openness, the ITSM teams look after all types of workplace technology ranging from laptops to servers to business-critical software apps.

Before we discuss more on reinventing ITSM delivery using Conversational Automation, let’s have a glance at a few of its advantages.

Benefits of using Conversational Automation in ITSM

  • Cost reduction/optimization
  • Enhances employee productivity
  • 24*7 availability & agility
  • Saves time
  • Minimizes human error
  • Faster ticket resolution

Here is the fact that the IT help desk has become an indispensable component of every business’s success.

The enterprises are opting for intelligent conversational automation to enhance overall ITSM delivery productivity and efficiency by handling daily employee concerns more rapidly and economically.

At present, the IT industry’s key precedence is to automate processes & functions, and it is where conversational AI will be the right technology that can be used to achieve more productivity with fewer resources.

It processes routine tasks like triage requests, filtering high vs. low-value tickets. It is where virtual assistants give life to IT support staff & new service experiences to employees.

Most enterprises invest in the automation of ITSM using AI & digital agents to minimize costs, speed up resolving knowledge queries and issues, improve cost efficiency and productivity, and enhance customer service experience and self-service capabilities.

You can start building a simple IT service desk bot that can create & assign tickets (using natural language processing & robotic process automation), handing over tickets to human agents, plateful end-users in tenacity FAQ’s, and offering indispensable updates on decisive incident IT & security.

Now, let us see some of the critical use cases of IT service management.

So, you will get a better understanding of how Conversational Automation is reinventing ITSM delivery.

Let’s start!

Dynamic ticket handling

Every day, the IT support staff will receive a huge number of ticket requests for various purposes, ranging from the appeal of a new laptop to updating and changing passwords.

IT help desk staff will spend most of their time in ticket handling (categorization, prioritization, and assign of tickets).

It is where the need for automation occurs, and we are here to do that for you by using conversational AI.

After integrating conversational AI with the ticket handling function, it automatically classifies tickets to the human agent, depending on the type of ticket issue. They categorize the tickets based on various decisive factors and also consider past learnings.

Our ITSM digital agents will transfer the call to a human agent if the intelligent bot cannot resolve the issue or ticket. It also provides a complete conversation that has happened so far to the human agent.

Password reset

In an organization, devices & machines run 24/7 for the smooth running of operations. Due to this, the probability of malfunction and crashes is very high.

Password reset is the most common ticket received by the service management teams, and they will spend 24/7 to handle these issues.

With the introduction of conversational AI, the IT help desk team can handle low-value tasks like password creations/resets and mechanize usual troubleshooting questions & procedures.

With our smart ITSM agents, password resets are handled. The agents will automatically connect to the back end to set up a temporary password for the employee or user.

All these processes can be done without human agent intervention in the complete customer journey.

Automated self-service

IT tech companies cannot increase the number of human agents with an increase in routine requests & incidents.

An organization can save from these triage issues using conversational AI. These digital agents help employees with self-help articles that can be used for ticket deflection.

With the usage of intelligent bots in self-service support functions, decrease the call soils that come to the IT help desk or people rushing to the IT desk.

Automated workflows

The change approvals & service requests are very common in IT service management. As the services agents are busy resolving other issues based on priority, these tickets will get delayed to get their approval.

In these cases also automating ITSM with conversational AI will reinvent or redefine your workflows. Here, the digital agents will automate the workflow and provide instant approval by notifying all the approvers.

In the same way, employee onboarding or offboarding can be automated using intelligent bots by providing all required resources.

I hope the information provided above has cleared all your doubts about reinventing ITSM delivery with conversational automation.

Intelligent bots have the jam-packed capability to power up the ITSM, and it can speed up the output of both end-users (employees) & super agents.

If you are still thinking about whether to invest or not in the automation of ITSM?

Get in touch with us.

So, it’s the right time to initiate the change in your enterprise IT service management functions, then getting left behind by your competitors.

Stay tuned to us for more updates on conversational AI and automation.

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