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What Is A Telegram Bot? Reasons to use Bot for Telegram | by BotPenguin


As of January 2021, Telegram announced that it has 500 million MAUs (monthly active users). In 2020, with more than 500 million downloads in the Google Play Store alone, Telegram is quickly watching up its competitors, WhatsApp (5 billion) and Facebook (2 billion).

With the company’s rapid growth and claims around privacy and security, Telegram has become an important platform to focus on for businesses. More and more businesses are using social media platforms to provide customer support services (CSS). With an increased user base, Telegram has become an important platform to focus on.

Telegram is a chat messenger service that is quite similar to WhatsApp, but with an added advantage of data encryption, security, and privacy. Telegram has made use that if a new contact subscribes to a business channel, the company does not access any of users’ contact or personal details.

At the same time, telegram users can search for company names and subscribe to companies via the discover area. This arrangement works in a way that customers can reach companies if they want to but companies can not reach customers without their permissions.

In order to understand the business use cases of Telegram, we have to get familiar with “Peer Types” of Telegram. “Peers” are the “entities” with which users can interact in Telegram. In the latest version of Telegram, there are four peer types:

A user profile is a personal account that is usually registered with the user’s phone number. Such peer type is used for personal messaging but at times can act as an admin in channels & groups).

A Telegram group is a chat group of users and bots which are called its members. A telegram group can have a maximum of 200,000 members and all members have the right to post messages in the group. Admin of the group has special privileges and assigns ownership to its members to allow posts related to videos and images.

A telegram Channel is a subset of Telegram groups, it is a special group that can have unlimited number of subscribers but only admins and bots have rights to post messages in a channel, all other users of the channel can not post.

A telegram bot is a special type of user that is not a human but a computer program that can serve companies or brands with many features such as sending out information, reminders, playing tunes, ordering, and more. A bot can post a message in a group or channel.

Normal users can follow any telegram bot they would like to be kept informed. Out of all the four peer types, the Telegram bot comes with a lot of features that are really useful for businesses. Telegram provides an API to create bots for social interactions, productivity, gaming, and e-commerce services on the platform.

Apart from these, Telegram bots can also provide customer support or collect leads by connecting them to a CRM, ticketing system, or a messaging platform. Let’s explore the reasons why Telegram bots are extremely useful for business:

With new business use cases coming every day for bot usage, bots are getting more and more popular to run in a telegram environment. Also, a big thank you goes to the telegram APIs, with which you easily build a telegram bot, promote it to get more users for your business interactions.

“A telegram bot can simplify the conversation between the user and a machine, and let users and machines execute the task seamlessly. It helps businesses to engage the user for long enough, gathers necessary data, and more.”

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Telegram is free irrespective of the number of messages and the purpose of the usage (professional or personal use). Since Telegram is free for users as well as for business it allows companies to obtain potential customers by using it effectively. So much so that telegram bot creation is also free. Businesses can use this free platform to build their customer base by sending newsletters, providing customer support, or interacting with them.

If your customer base is the active use of Telegram, it is a great opportunity to keep your customers engaged as Telegram allows users to send audio, videos, and images to businesses. Businesses can create their marketing campaign to keep their customers engaged in multiple ways. Apart from marketing, some of the businesses need to provide customer support around the clock, so businesses can create a chatbot for Telegram or build a customer support team to respond to customer queries almost instantly. This also allows us to build better engagement with customers.

Considering global trends around hacking cases on every social media platform, Telegram is considered quite secure majorly for the reason messages are sent across the platform in encrypted form. This makes it quite a good reason to use it for business purposes as it will safeguard all your data and your customer’s too. It will give you and your costumes a secure and better place to interact regarding products and services.

The telegram messenger covers all major platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows phones with desktop apps for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Furthermore, it also has a web version, which will allow you to target your prospects on a very broad scale. Second, you don’t have to worry that your customers won’t be able to access this messenger. With a telegram bot, you can let your customers have the information quickly, and they can use it from anywhere and anytime without any problem. Ease of availability increases the opportunity to find prospective buyers and increases the conversion rates.

Telegram is one of the early adopters of linking your bank account with chat messengers. This will allow users to make financial transactions with other users or businesses on the platform. Such capability on this platform opens up more use cases for businesses. Currently, this functionality is available in Russia and brazil. However, we believe it will soon be available in other countries as well. So a telegram bot may let the client transfer money or pay for the services without leaving the platform.

A telegram bot can help collect leads, provide customer support, send newsletters to existing customers, show portfolios, run marketing campaigns, or automate some of the interactions.


Getting active over Telegram can help you build an instant e-store where customers can easily get the deals and products or services and can purchase them in the first place. You can let customers have an impressive purchasing journey from placing an order to delivery by sending regular updates via texts. For instance, amazon’s search & price bot is perfect to consider, which helps customers looking for the best price and product according to their fit.

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Travel and Hospitality

By having a bot for Telegram, you can use it as a travel agent to act on behalf of your business. It will help customers get the right package and information regarding different places. You can also help get the right vacation as per their budget and other preferences. A bot can offer answers to their queries and share information like bookings, cancellation policies, and much more. So, roll it on, and let your customers have the best holidays ever!. For more information click the link.


If you are into the healthcare industry and think about how a chatbot can help you, consider this! You can give quick assistance and medical aid to the patients at their home comfort. For instance, you can act like a virtual doctor with which taking appointments and follow-ups will be fast and timely. Hence, it will help them organize pathways, getting in touch with respective doctors, and much more.

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Telegram bots are opening up new opportunities for businesses to acquire, engage and retain their customers. Here are some of the most popular telegram chatbots:

Skeddy Bot

Skeddy bot uses NLP (Natural language processing) which gives it capabilities to take instructions in voice. The main purpose of this bot is to send reminders.


It is always hard to find cheap air tickets but not anymore. With AirTrack, you can keep yourself informed on the price of the air route you want to keep track of.

Storebot- a Bot for Discovery

This telegram bot works to help you find more bots. A lot can be done by checking out top charts, searching bots, browsing them by categories, and much more. IMDB Bot The IMDb bot will check the movie databases over the internet and will provide movie details such as plot lines, actors/actresses, directors, trailers, ratings, and more.

Telegram isn’t only the way to reach, target, and keep in touch with the prospects but also a powerful tool to automate Customer support services and optimize multiple processes to minimize the manual work. In case you are interested in creating a Telegram bot for your business, you must visit BotPenguin and get a chatbot instantly for your business.

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