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Kingsense Is a Futuristic Tactical-RPG, Pre-register Now to Receive In-game Rewards

In terms of gameplay Kingsense (which you can pre-register for now) sees you engaging in squad-based combat on a 5×9 grid. Your squads are made up of Sensates, all with their own quirks and personalities, and there are 40 of these to collect in total, belonging to six different occupations and aligned with six different elemental forces.

That means there’s a virtually infinite amount of tactical tweaking and customization on offer when it comes to composing your lineups for battle. You can unlock character-specific gear and of course level-up your characters to make them more powerful.

It’s a rich tactical RPG experience, supported by stellar voice talent and stunning presentation.

The plot is suitably epic too. Picture the scene. After an extragalactic asteroid crashes into planet earth, the planet’s environment and ecosystems are permanently disrupted. This drives humans underground, where they can safely shelter from the unfolding apocalypse.

While sheltering, nations develop their own enhanced humans, better able to cope with the unforgiving new world. These superhumans are known as Sensates.

Unfortunately, their emergence triggers a war between powerful factions: the United Council, which governs the remnants of humanity; the P.T.H Group, which controls all scientific and technological knowledge; and the Kluto Order, a shadowy group that manipulates Sensates to their own mysterious ends.

The good news is that the war is over, and the United Council has won. The bad news is that trouble is brewing once again. Only you and the Sensates can prevent it from enveloping humanity in yet more strife.

You can pre-register for Kingsense right now on the game’s official site. And while you’re waiting for the game to arrive you can join a special Team Hack Event, earning ten Hacking Chips and SR character Soga, and tons of crystals and chips in the process.

We’re not sure of the release date, but you can follow Kingsense on Facebook, Twitter, Discord to stay in the loop.

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