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3 Steps: Register Oracle Digital Assistant in Botium Box | by Gergye Szabolcs | Apr, 2021

Gergye Szabolcs

This article shows how to setup an Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) chatbot in Botium Box.

What you need is an ODA chatbot in oracle cloud and a Botium Box license. To keep it simple I’ve just pulled some kind of a pizza order skill from the store on ODA surface, so now I have a working bot.

Select the Oracle Digital Assistant from the Connector list. Then choose an appropriate API key in the API key drop down. Now the Oracle Outgoing Webhook URI is generated, which you can copy to the clipboard by clicking on the copy button near the input field.

After you’ve created the channel, you will get a Secret Key and a Webhook URL. These values have to be copied into the ODA connector in Botium Box.

Don’t forget to select your bot in the Route to field, and enable your channel clicking on the Channel Enabled field.

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On this surface you can chat real time with your bot. Clicking on the Save test case button you are able to create your first test set to your ODA bot, based on your live chat conversation.

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