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Take the Guesswork out of Performance Monitoring

Every business needs performance insights that allow them to code efficiently. The real challenge appears when we have to proactively track performance bottlenecks and regressions in real-time. This is because there is no one-size-fits-all database performance testing metrics solution. Moreover, with so many options available in the market, making a practical decision can be difficult. This is where Scout APM comes in.

Scout APM is an application performance monitoring add-on solution that examines your Laravel app behavior. Scout helps your business detect and resolve critical performance, as well as stability, issues, including:

  • Slow SQL queries
  • Slow requests such as HTTP and Database Calls
  • Expensive N+1 logic
  • Throughput and response time
  • Transaction and response time traces
  • Capacity bottlenecks
  • Sources of memory bloat and leaks

Scout APM is designed to help modern dev teams monitor problems down to a single line-of-code. Apart from combining deep transaction analysis with an intuitive UI, Scout APM automatically tracks major performance indicators in enterprise apps. This enables companies to proactively gauge the overall health of their apps. The following are the main services:

  • View response times according to tier with the purpose of identifying issues in back-end resources. These tiers include database, HTTP calls, and more.
  • Memory and CPU usage of app processes.

Scout APM also offers a Database Add-on module that enables access to the Database monitoring page and Slow Query Insights. Consistent monitoring features analyze improved response time with dynamic dashboards. These deliver visibility into unique endpoints, paths, requests, and users that contribute to bottlenecks. You can even gain access to Time Selections that follow you around the entire web app. This helps when you investigate certain time periods for performance spikes and understand what is happening in the database. Not to mention the opportunity to access Database Events that indicates a jump in database activity.

Scout APM’s intuitive interface and real-time alerts provide developers with the insights they need in less than 4 minutes at an affordable rate. Want to take Scout APM services for a spin? Try the 14-day free trial with no obligations and no credit card required, or request a demo to understand how Scout APM can satisfy your tech requirements!

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